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Meep Meep!

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RoadRunner (also known as Meep Meep!) is an unofficial fork of the popular performance-enhancing Fabric mod Lithium by jellysquid3 for the Forge mod loader, based on the Architectury Loom toolchain. This mod aims to optimise many areas of the game in order to provide better overall performance for both Minecraft clients and servers, while not requiring the mod to be installed on both sides.

(Note: RoadRunner, as mentioned above is an unofficial fork and has thus not been endorsed by jellysquid3 or the CaffeineMC organisation. Please report any issues you have to us only, and we will forward them only if we are able to reproduce the problem on Fabric with the upstream version of Lithium!)


To analyse whether RoadRunner has a tangible effect on server tick times, we have been working with various pack developers and server owners to create periodic benchmarks. While currently a fair bit out of date, the results did show an overall increase in server performance, and generally helped us find some more common performance pitfalls we may need to address, as well! To see every benchmark result we have collected thus far, take a look at this following page: https://maxneedssnacks.notion.site/23ca1bd2d36d49f587d0602244e224d7


RoadRunner contains most, if not all features of the original Lithium, with some additional patches in place to ensure that the mod still works well under Forge. Most importantly, all of the core areas of the game Lithium aimed to optimise, for example Mob Spawning and AI, Worldgen, Chunk loading, Block ticking, Explosions, etc. should still work without any issues (which, if you do find any, see the section below on how to report them), and on top of that, there have been some other, minor optimisations that we have introduced of our own, to hopefully make gameplay on Forge even smoother.

Issues and Feature Requests

If you'd like to get help with the mod, feel free to open an issue on GitHub, and if you want to propose new features or otherwise contribute to the mod, we will gladly accept pull requests, as well!

Modpack Permissions

Much like the original Lithium, this project is free and open-source software, and as such, you may of course include it in your modpack! As always, credit in any form (for example in the mod list or mod description) is of course greatly appreciated, but not required to use the mod.