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Ring of the Miner [FORGE]


A simple mod that adds one item, the Ring of the Miner, which breaks non-ore blocks in an area of 11x5x11 around the player, making for easier mining.


No Drop Mode- right-click to break the non-ore blocks, no drops
Standard Drop Mode - Shift + right-click to break blocks, with drops
Config Options:
- Cooldown - adjust the numbers of ticks of cool down between uses, default is 80 ticks (~4 secs)
- Reverse Mode - allows you to flip the No Drop/Standard Drop mode using the shift key
- Delayed Block Break - allows you to switch between instant and delayed block break 

Ores in recipe:
- Gold ore on left and right
- Ancient Debris on top and bottom
- Diamond on upper left and lower right
- Emerald on lower left and upper right