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This mod adds a single item that can adapt into different kinds of item. Specifically, that item is called Elemental Glove.

Elemental Glove, as its name suggests, holds the ability to manipulate elements. With the ability to transform into different types of item, this item is formidable and versatile.


As the research phase is alpha, for now only elemental lightning is available. Also, this is for Forge 1.14.4 1.1.10+.

The gloves is not available in creative tabs. Please use /give <insertname or @p> and use rikkasresearch as the modid. You will see

then what item do you want from this mod. Beware that obtaining items aside from elemental glove can have unexpected issues

and therefore are considered as invalid in the issue tracker.


Important: Elemental Glove will start with 3 random element (Not Yet Applicable as of Alpha). In order to acquire the element, you will need to be exposed to the element yourself.

This modification comes with custom keybinding which is specifically ALT, GRAVE and X. Alt is elemental attack (which will be explained later). Grave is for switching elemental form/s and X is for cycling elements. Lastly, do not use the glove if its in serious critical condition.


To be able to transform the glove into an elemental item, you must first be exposed to the specific element that you want to summon. For example, for fire you will need to bathe in lava (sounds harsh). The glove will automatically detect any input element and will change its display name. For example, from "No Elements Available!" to "Elemental Fire".

In case of the user owning multiple elements, he/she can cycle the available elements. The cycle is controlled by pressing X by default. In order to actually equip the element, you will need to press Grave (~) by default. This has a 3 second delay during which the glove is inactive. Equipping elements comes with special effects. To revert it back to the glove, you must first sneak before pressing X (by default). Then press Grave again and after that, wait for another 3 seconds. Didn't I tell you? You can switch from an existing element to another one without reverting back to Elemental Glove. However, this is not easy as there would be no guide for you to know what element are you switching. However, for reference, this is the order of the elements (since you are equipping an element, the index that an element is assigned to is added by 1 or in case of light element, sets it back to 1. This is because you cannot switch if the element you are switching to is the same as the element you are equipped with):

1 = Lightning,

2 = Wind,

3 = Earth,

4 = Fire,

5 = Water,

6 = Nature,

7 = Light.

It is important to revert it back to the glove form because equipping an element drains its energy, which is not a good idea if you'll need to use it in emergency cases. With additional elemental contact (NYI), you can further increase its Tier. What does it mean is that you will evolve an element, making that element stronger and more efficient. 


Lastly, in order to use the elemental attack, just right click the sword to cycle its elemental attack. In order to actually use the elemental attack, you press left alt (by default).


On the side note, this is a collaboration between me(Rikka_Kitani) and ShelterRin.



Lightning - My(as Rikka Kitani) research concludes that the lightning elemental is indeed very mobile and has high attack power. It shines in combat, capable of challenging ranged and melee adversaries with little to no problem. The item representation of lightning is a sword. You don't want to face against users of this element, not unless if you want to be the first living lightning rod...

"Without lightning, there would be no fire to be discovered, thus altering all history of living creatures which is safe to assume that I won't even be here writing about this" - Rikka.


Wind - An element that is quite playful. This element excels in eluding attacks, and is mobile. Its item form is a glaive, which looks like a chakram (but definitely isn't one). The glaive may or not be throw-able (it will depend on my knowledge of rendering). Never try to take this element seriously, for it will just evade every attack you try to land on while simultaneously kiting you.

"Sometimes, even intangible things can break something" - Rikka Kitani.


Earth - A sturdy element, this element is definitely reliable in taking damage. While dependable in absorbing damage, and very high damage but low dps-style attacks, this element is slow-paced, which means that it has no mobility to make up for its good defense. Its item form is a hammer, which can be used with ease to construct/deconstruct the overworld.


"While a dirt/mud/(most of the rocks) are priceless, Its importance is something much more, such as stepping on it in order to move from one place to another." - Rikka Kitani


Fire -  My(Rikka Kitani) research has shown that this element is indeed very powerful. Conjuring up to two chakrams, the user stands indomitable against non-elemental users. While the information is limited, I hope that I can conclude the true use of the fire element.


"What is dangerous can also be essential, that is, fire; the one who gives warmth in times of cold, but can burn living beings and structures alike if too much is present." - Rikka Kitani


Water - While those other elements possess an advantage and disadvantages, this element specializes in versatility. It is safe to assume that this water is futsuu in anything, like mobility or attack power. Its item form is a sphere/orb/circle.


"Considering the Water is considered as a universal solvent and necessity for a planet to survive; an irony exists for it is free". - Rikka Kitani


Nature - An element that is attuned to environment. This element enables the user to manipulate anything that has life. Deadly against living, this element is ironically what makes a person alive.


"For a man to say he is above of nature, is surely a foolish person for the nature is the one who provides the man his basic and complex necessities" - Rikka Kitani


Light - The most powerful element in the series (probably), This element is always seen everywhere in overworld. This element is primarily used for long-distance range attack due to how fast light can travel. However, using this on melee proves to be too powerful so much that even the user themselves can be damaged if they don't hold back the power. Trying to stand

against this element is to feel the light of your hope fading away...


"A theory I read have that said all living beings evolved from the first cell, but even the author forgot that such cell come from the stars."- Rikka Kitani



Kite - 1. (verb) A term in video gaming and elsewhere to describe when a ranged fighter skirmishes with a hand-to-hand fighter by running and shooting. This can have 2 purposes: a) to damage the enemy while staying outside of hand-to-hand range, or b) to make the enemy follow you so you can lead them to a specific location.


NYI - (Abbreviation) Not yet implement.


Dps - (Abbreviation) Stands for: Damage Per Second.


Futsuu - ふつう or 普通 in Japanese, which means normal.   



Elemental Attack:

Lightning Element:

Lightning Movement: Enables the user to travel as fast as lightning by becoming a lightning itself. The destination of the movement itself is where the user looks into. Has limited range. At higher tiers, also creates lightning from your wake/trail/path of teleportation. 

Lightning Fall: Charges yourself with huge amounts of lightning bolt! After few seconds, you will immediately teleport to a nearest entity within 10 + 15 per tier so at Tier I for example, you will have 25 blocks of range. That unfortunate who-so-ever victim is sent flying to/above the overworld's atmosphere with additional damage taken. It is advised that you stay away from your beloved pets while using this...

Thunderstorm SummoningAvailable from Tier II and up, calls upon the might of the thunderstorm. this thunderstorm is no ordinary thunderstorm. A thunderstorm summoned this way is very aggressive and will actively call in lightning bolts to smite the not-so-lucky entities you encounter. Functional but not usable due to Lightning Tier II being unavailable as for the moment.




Flash of The Thunderstorm: Available from Tier III and above, this elemental attack requires an ongoing thunderstorm.

During thunderstorm, it acts like a combined version of Lightning Movement and Lightning Fall, travelling as fast as a lightning to a random unlucky entity and strike it. It can attack the same entity if there are no other entities within range. 





Fire Elemental:

Fire Dance - Rapidly attacks in front of you that is augmented with elemental fire, damaging terrain and living beings that are in the vicinity. (The fire chakram that is seen below is Tier II to avoid confusion.).







Artic Wolves:








We, Rikka Kitani and ShelterRin shall not be held responsible for any injuries/death that this modification software might brought upon. Use at your own risk.


On the other side, We shall not be held responsible for how the user uses the glove be it abusive or conservative.


Any bugs reported on the curseforge comments about this mod will be strictly deleted and moved to the issue tracker. - ShelterRin


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