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Filename rftools-1.10-5.60.jar
Uploaded by McJty
Uploaded Nov 14, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 2.58 MB
Downloads 59,210
MD5 750f55b555849d81a80d5a7de34f2891
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions



  • Tansheron added a new mode to the sensor to allow it to detect fluids. When in 'block' mode the sensor will no longer pick up fluids. Keep that in mind!
  • Kayila fixed the spawner so that it can now spawn functioning Ender Dragons.
  • KFGL changed syringe tooltip to show correct info when it has Zombie Pigman essence
  • Changed the sides of the power relay to 'L' (left), 'R' (right) and 'B' (back) to be less confusing
  • It is now possible to name elevators and these will be used in the elevator module. It is still possible to override that in the module for the first 8 levels
  • Added a new mechanic for looting with shields. Insert dimensional shards in the new slot to get the shield to do looting 3 (configurable). Be sure to enable 'player' damage type for this

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