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57,425 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

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Resynth is a farming based mod that aims to provide players with a plant to grow most Vanilla and Modded Minecraft ores, resources and mob drops. Using three separate plant types based off of Vanilla plants to grow the various types of resources; Each with their own unique mechanics to give a new twist on ore growing mods. Resynth aims to be very configurable, from plant growth rates and seed drop chances - almost everything can be changed to suit your play style. No more crafting recipes: seeds are obtained by performing in-game actions, such as killing mobs and blowing up ores with TNT. Last, but not least, Resynth adds a plant called the Mystical Seed Pod which can be configured to drop seeds that grow mob drops for players in peaceful mode who can otherwise not get these drops.


Looking for a more detailed guide on the mod? Check out the Getting Started page of the Resynth Wiki.


Want to grow a resource Resynth doesn't support? Request it in the comments or submit a ticket on Github! 


Some other miscellaneous links:

Changelog FAQ


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