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Resynth Mod

Lots of vanilla/mod: ore, mob, & resource growing crops & items - as simple, configurable itemsets.

Minecraft: 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16, 1.16.4

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The Resynth Minecraft Mod enables growing and farming ores and other non-renewable resources in vanilla and modded Minecraft by adding different plant crops that can grow ores, mob drops, and various other resources. 


Beyond just getting seeds and growing ores and resources, Resynth also adds some nice features and mechanics. First, a new type of farmland for Resynth crops that can be enriched with Mineral Rock to speed up the growth rate of plants. Crop Farms can be made fully automatic either with Hoppers or with vanilla auto-farming mechanics. Plant produce can be destroyed for a chance to get more seeds. A type of flower that spawns randomly throughout the world which can drop Biochemical seeds for players in peaceful mode so that they can grow mod drops. And so much more!


View all 100+ crops for different vanilla and modded Minecraft materials. 


Getting Started


As you go about mining ores and killing mobs throughout the world, they will start dropping seeds that you can use to grow the resources. Some ores, like Iron and Gold need to destroid with TNT to get the seeds. However, before you can plant the seeds, you will need to make Mineral Enriched Soil from a Mineral Hoe. The Mineral Hoe is crafted using Mineral Rocks, a valuable resource which need to be mined at the lowest depths of the world.


Once you have plants growing on Mineral Enriched Soil, you can begin looking to auto-farm the plants and increase plant growth speed.


View the complete Getting Started Guide for a detailed guide on getting started and more with Resynth. Otherwise check out the rest of the Wiki for information on all things Resynth.


Plant Requests


If Resynth doesn't add a crop for the resource you want to grow, you can Submit a Plant Request over here on GitHub. Managing requests in the comments has become difficult, and any new comments asking for plants simply be sent a link to the Plant Request Submission page.


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