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Two Video Links Below - Watch Them for an explanation of the mod (Although you should be okay-ish without watching the Update 1.4 Video)


Hello! Yes, yes, it's been a while... but here I am, with a new mod, themed around primitive healing using plants. For a tutorial, I would recommend watching my video below (it's long - a big mod, sorry) and the update 1.4 video  as you'll not have a lot of luck finding your way, since recipes don't all show up in JEI.


If y'all want a built in recipe book, I may deliver, but I doubt this mod will be worth that... but I have tried - with some fancy models it should feel a little more polished (hopefully, since I've just spent a couple hours ironing out glitches).


The mod centres around the healer's flower plant, which is used to make a variety of different healing related foods and handy tools to get you out of a sticky situation. Watch the tutorial below for explanation of everything in the mod. <- Restora 1.3.9  (Recommended Watch to Understand Mod) <- Restora 1.4 (Recommended - Explains Update Content)


(Curseforge is playing up so I can't embed the video :/) 



Made with MCreator Modmaker + Code editor:




Click below for mod images.

The Healer's Flower Plant^

The Healer's Flower Plant


A Treetapped Log.^

A Treetapped Log.


Th recipe blocks of the mod.^

The Cooking Pot, Fusion Altar and Grinding Tub - the recipe blocks of the mod.



Warning: the Fusion Altar method of crafting provides an exploit in terms of compatibility with mods like Equivalent Exchange 2 - specifically the EMC of Golden Apples.


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