From exploring the Overworld to venturing the Nether, Resource Overhaul adds much needed changes to improve the game experience.

Features include, but are not limited to, the following:

Nether and End Ores

End Ores

Nether Ores



The Completed Set of Turtle Armor

Turtle Armor

  • Turtle Chestplate grant +15 seconds of water breathing
  • Turtle Leggings grant +15 seconds of water breathing
  • Turtle Boots grant +10 seconds of water breathing
  • The vanilla Turtle Helmet will also grant +10 seconds of water breathing on top of that

If a full set is worn:

  • Player will be granted Night Vision whilst under water
  • Player will be granted Dolphins Grace whilst under water, to swim fast like a turtle would
  • Total 50 seconds water breathing


If you only want the Turtle Armor, and not everything else in the mod, you can get the standalone Full Turtle Armor Mod from HERE


 Nether Star Armor and Tools

Nether Star Armor

Unbreakable Armor and Tools - A full set of armor costs 24 Nether Stars

  • The Helmet will provide the wearer with Water Breathing and Night Vision
  • The Chestplate will provide the wearer with Strength, Haste, and Fire Resistance
  • The Leggings will provide the wearer with Speed and Resistance
  • The Boots will provide the wearer with an immunity to fall damage


If a full set is worn:

  • Wearer will gain an immunity to lightning
  • Wearer will be able to summon lightning to their position by crouching if their fall distance reaches 8 blocks or greater
  • If within 8 blocks of another player, the summoned lightning will instead strike the closest player





Californium is a radioactive resource. In it's raw or unstable form, anyone holding it will suffer poison. To stabilize, and fully realize the potential of the Californium, a player must combine it with it's iron counterpart in a crafting grid. For instance, combine an Unstable Californium Ingot with an Iron Ingot to stabilize it. Stabilized ingots can craft weapons, tools, and armor.
Californium Weapons and Tools can:

  • Poison any player or creature they hit

If worn as a full set, Californium armor can:

  • Make the wearer completely immune to the poison effect


 Fool's Gold

Fool's GoldFool's gold, or Iron Pyrite, may look like gold but is very much not. Despite appearing as gold, it is as strong as iron.


 Completed and ready next update, along with being worked on currently:

✔️ = Complete 🔵 = In development ⭕ = not yet started development

This update has just been uploaded and is now available for download
✔️ 1.18.2 Release [Fabric]


Want a free cape? Reveal Spoiler to see how you can get one

Ah, so you want a free cape... Here's how you can get one:

1. Create a MinecraftCapes Account: https://minecraftcapes.net/account/register

2. Download one of these capes (Click on the color you want): Black, Cyan, Pink, White


3. Download the MinecraftCapes mod for your version: https://minecraftcapes.net/download/forge and add it to your mods folder


4. Upload the cape file you download in step 2: https://minecraftcapes.net/upload-cape


5. Now anyone with that mod installed will see your new cape!


Official Website: https://www.resourceoverhaul.com/



Special Thanks:

 - Vaporxtend, for Russian Translation, improving armor icon textures, and improving one armor model texture

 - Meawerful, for Simplified Chinese translation

- SludgyDig43835, for helping brainstorm many of the ideas that became a reality in this mod


Modpack Policy:

 You are free to include this mod in any Modpack hosted on CurseForge.