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What is Requiem?

Requiem is a Minecraft (Java Edition) mod aiming at removing the continuity break resulting from death.
In vanilla Minecraft, dying is bland and can be frustrating: you lose all your items and get redirected to a menu where you can choose to reappear at your spawn point or quit the game.
With Requiem installed however, this barebones system leaves its place to a whole new facet of the game.


Why would you want to use it?


Requiem is perfect for players willing to make death a little different from most games. Additionally, Requiem has benefits and features that other players can enjoy:
- Explorers wanting to venture far in their world, only to be met with death leading them back to their respawn point. As such, Requiem allows an infinite journey, so you don't have to walk the same path twice.
- Players seeking change to their playstyle by roleplaying an undead, fleeing sunlight, drowning endlessly in the ocean or eventually searching for preys to feast on.
- And players wanting to experience this new Death, while having friends not willing to. The mod allows both death systems, Vanilla and Requiem, to coexist in the same world at the same time, depending on each player's needs.


Getting started


- Running the mod will require Quilt and Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL). For more information on how to use Quilt, please visit the official website.
- If Quilt is installed on your Minecraft Java copy, you can download Requiem and copy the jar file obtained, as well as the downloaded Quilt Standard Libraries jar file, in the mods folder located in you Minecraft installation or Quilt Server folder. Please make sure to have the latest version, as we will not accept issues regarding older versions.
- Once the previous steps have been completed, boot up your game, and upon your first death, Requiem will asks you whether you'd like to enable the modified death system or not through an interactive dialogue. Be careful, because after choosing, the dialogue won't be prompted a second time, and you will have to use a special item to change that.


Mod Interactions


  • Memento Mori: an addon by SciRave making "opinionated balance changes" to Requiem's gameplay. Recommended for hardcore players.
  • Dark Rites 2: a Bewitchment/Requiem addon by DevArcana and MrSterner adding some compatibility between the two mods.
  • Requiem Lifeline : an addon by Eman3600 that makes Requiem easier by letting vagrant players reduce their attrition level as well as adding cheap vessel repair.
  • Pandemonium: the first-party playground for possible future Requiem features.


Known Incompatibilities:

- Optifine/Optifabric: Doesn't work with Requiem.

- Iris/Sodium: Breaks runestone textures. Install Indium to fix.



Video Showcase



Requiem has dedicated documentation on the Ladysnake Website.

Note: Requiem 2.0 features is still in the process of being documented. Some pages may currently be incomplete, and others may be completely missing


Link to website



Requiem is designed to be decently configurable, typically through the use of data packs. More information is available on the wiki : https://ladysnake.github.io/wiki/requiem/configuration

This page also includes datapack generators for the most common configuration options



- Why are mob drops worse when I am possessing something ? Your prey was killed by a mob, not by a player. To improve your situation, you can try finding a Humanity enchant book in a nether fortress.

- Why do the mobs I possess have less health than expected ? You are probably under the effect of Attrition, a status effect afflicting your soul and reducing the health of your bodies. Try not to die too much to avoid getting it.

- Why did you choose Quilt (previously Fabric) to make this mod ? See [this comment] for good answers. TLDR; We find Fabric way easier to work with for this kind of project.

    - FORGE WHEN ? No.

    - Do you intend on making a Forge version ? No, however we do welcome third party port efforts.

- Why does it not launch ? Either you forgot to install Quilt Standard Libraries, or Requiem is not yet available for the version you are trying to use. If it's the latter, you can politely inform us in the comments.



If you have any more questions, propositions or ideas, please submit them in the Minecraft Curse Forge Project page comment section! Or, you could...

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