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The playground for experimental Requiem features.


Current changes (after 2.0.0):

- Adds the Wandering Spirit origin, which turns you into a remnant who cannot make themselves a human body, but has permanent emancipation

- Adds a config option to be able to possess any mob without capturing their soul first


Changes before 2.0.0 :

- Every mob in the game can be possessed, except bosses (superceded by the soul capture mechanic in Requiem 2.0.0)

- As a demon player in a regular body, you can use the dissociate keybind to split, leaving a player shell behind. (superceded by the Emancipation status effect in Requiem 2.0.0)

    - As long as you are in the same world as the last shell you left behind, you can dissociate from possessed mobs at any time.

    - Shells can be possessed by other players, granting them your appearance and your stuff.


Disclaimer: every feature in this add-on is experimental and may be changed or removed at any time. Stability of new features is not guaranteed, backup your worlds.


Base Mod (required): Requiem (you need the same version of requiem and pandemonium installed)