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Picture that shows the title of this mod with a Stonebrick Fortress during sunset behind the text

Works serverside too so vanilla clients can connect!







    Repurposed Structures is a mod about taking existing vanilla features and structures and creating new variants or modifications to them! Originally, most of the structures and features in this mod was actually made for my Ultra Amplified Dimension mod. But then I realized these features and structures would look great in the Overworld as well so I decided to take those structures and features and split them into their own mod and continue to add MORE biome variants of vanilla structures! And over time, some other people even help contribute more vanilla styled structures!


Check out the wiki below for all the info! This wiki is kept up to date with latest Repurposed Structures release




Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: Can this mod work serverside and let vanilla clients connect?
  • A: Yep! This mod does not add any new blocks or mobs so it can be ran entirely serverside and is safe for vanilla clients.


  • Q: How do I turn off RS structures in 1.18.2 or newer MC?
  • A: 1.18.2 did a lot of changes and as a result, all of RS's structures are now in datapack form. Click here for more info and leads you to the config datapack that lets you turn off structures or changing spawnrates. Don't be afraid to ask me questions if you get stuck!


  • Q: Does this mod work with YUNG's Better Strongholds, YUNG's Better Mineshafts, and other Yungs mods mod?**
  • A: Yes all of Yung's mods will work with Repurposed Structures. Both mod's structures will continue to spawn. Note: RS's structures will remain the same and will not be in the same style as yung's structures unless you put on special datapacks. See the Pre-Datapack section for changing RS's strongholds, dungeons, and other structures to be in the style of Yung's structures! (Mineshafts does not have a datapack because Yung's Better Mineshafts already have biome variants)

  • Q: Does this mod conflict with ___ mod?**
  • A: Highly unlikely. My mod adds structures to biomes directly so any conflict would be extremely rare. Best way to know is to just try my mod with the other mod. If you find they do conflict somehow, PLEASE let me know so I can investigate and release a fix! :) In fact, some mods like Signpost may have direct compatibility with Repurposed Structures's structures!

  • Q: I heard this mod has banners in chests but none show up for me. Why?
  • A: You'll have to use the latest version of Repurposed Structures and have the Luck status effect or attribute. Luck is not able to be obtained in vanilla so you'll have to use another mod or datapack. The banners are more like a cool Easter Egg collectable so check out what mods or datapacks can give you some Luck! Good luck and have fun collecting banners!

  • Q: The advancements are annoying! I want to turn them off!
  • A: There are datapacks to turn off the advancements. Click here for the datapack to use to make all RS advancements disabled. You can delete the files of the structures you do want advancements for from that datapack.


  • Q: How can I change the language that this mod uses?
  • A: You can use a Resourcepack to add new languages and help contribute! You can grab this datapack, delete the data folder from it, and use it as a resourcepack and add new languages you want!

  • Q: Can I use this mod in a modpack?
  • A: Yep! You can use this mod in a modpack :)


  • Q: Can I modify the source code of this mod to make changes?
  • A: You can but just make sure you respect my license which is LGPL. That means, if you plan on distributing a modified Repurposed Structures jar, you should open source it by making the modified source code visible and licensed under an open source license. But truthfully, if you want to make a change, ask me first or make a PR into my mod as I might actually add it to the base mod itself!



   As of 1.18.2 and newer, most of Repurposed Structures can be changed by datapack now. Including turning off or on structures or changing spawnrates. Click the below link to get an example datapack to edit and some pointers for what to edit to turn off structures. There's a huge amount of stuff you can change by datapack though such as changing what height RS Mineshafts spawn at or how large RS villages are and much more that was not configurable in 1.18.1 and below. Enjoy!

Click here to go to config datapack download page 

More info and links about configuring can be found here along with some 1.18.2 and older info on cofniguring Repurposed Structures: 




     Since the overwhelming majority of my structures uses nbt files, template pools, and/or processors, you can override all of this with datapacks! That means you can customize the blocks in those structures with other mod's blocks or add pieces of other mod's villages into RS's villages! If you decide to use the datapacks below, download it, go into your world's save folder, and put the zipped folder into the datapack folder. Now when you load the game, the datapack should take effect! (Also, you can share mod-compat datapacks you made to me and I'll add it below after I check it out and like it!)

Check out the wiki below for some links to premade datapacks!



Special thanks to:

/r/l-ll-ll-l_IsDisLoss from Reddit for allowing me to use his Nether Pyramid and Nether Crimson Outpost design! 
cannon_foddr for allowing me to use his Nether Brick Outpost and End/Nether Bricks Shipwreck design!
miguelforge for allowing me to use his Crimson and Warped Shipwreck, End Ruined Portal, Nether Ruins, and other designs!

*If you find an issue, glitch, or have a suggestion about my mod, let me know! But if you don't have a GitHub account to report in the Issue tab above, just comment what the problem is below and I'll try and get back to you ASAP! Or you can contact me on Discord at the link below :) 



Discord Link to #telepathicgrunt-mods channel for my mods! : 


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My Ko-fi page if you wish to help donate to support me! : 


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