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Message from the Authors (6/11/2021)

We'd like to thank everyone whos downloaded Repurpose for their interest in the mod!  This was our freshman effort in mod making, and it was kind of a catch-all for the ideas we had floating around of various things we wanted to see in game that weren't already there or felt like they needed an easier but balanced way to obtain.  We've put more focus into our other mods, Prefab and From The Depths, and have decided to backburner Repurpose for the foreseeable future.  If you have a sudden renewed burning interest in Repurpose, feel free to speak up, we'll check back from time to time.  Otherwise, please enjoy our remaining mods under active development and update!


We've also created a new discord server for our suite of mods, so feel free to drop in and discuss the mods, request features, and share some of the cool things you've done with them!  https://discord.gg/qpkPnfays5



This mod provides a number of different ways to enhance the vanilla experience of Minecraft and provide easier or alternative ways to obtaining materials or blocks. This is to allow you to focus on what you really want to do, BUILD!




Bed Compass:

Now where did I put that bed?

When you use this item, it will tell you where your bed is in relation to your current position. This only works in the overworld and if you have slept in a bed.

Note: It will still tell you your last bed location even if your bed was destroyed or is no longer accessible.


Enchantment Items:

Different ways of getting enchantment books!

Fluffy Fabric - This item allows you to create the enchantment book for Silk Touch or to enchant your boots with the Step Assist Enchantment.


Snorkel - This item allows you to create an enchantment book with the Respiration 1 enchantment.

Whetstone - Allows you to create an enchantment book with the Sharpness 1 enchantment.

Stone Shears:

When you don't want to use iron to shear some sheep or clip some grass.

Like normal shears but less durable.


Swift Blades:

These swords are really really fast, so fast you would think you were playing before there was a cool-down!

Crafting recipes are below.

For the wood swift blade, you can use any kind of wood. Just like a normal sword.

Swift Blade: Wood - Crafting:

Swift Blade: Stone - Crafting:

Swift Blade: Iron - Crafting:

Swift Blade: Gold - Crafting:

Swift Blade: Diamond - Crafting:


A sickle is a new tool which is used to cut down grass, flowers and leaves in a wide area with a single swing. Sickles will not cut down crops.

Crafting recipes below.
Note: For the wood sickle recipe, you can use any type of wood plank.

Sickle - Wood Crafting:

Sickle - Stone Crafting:

Sickle - Iron Crafting:

Sickle - Gold Crafting:

Sickle - Diamond Crafting:

Iron Lump:

A Lump of Iron is created when you squish 3 Iron Nuggets together. Using Iron Lumps, you can create Chainmail armor. 3 Iron Lumps can be squished together to make an iron ingot. There is also a reversal recipe to turn an Iron lump back into nuggets.

Iron Lump Crafting is below followed by the recipes for Chainmail armor.

Iron Lump Crafting: 

Chainmail Helmet Crafting:

Chainmail Chestplate Crafting:

Chainmail Pants Crafting:

Chainmail Boots Crafting:


As an alternative to books, you can make scrolls. They are enchantable from an enchantment table and can be attached to items through the anvil just like enchanted books.

You can even make bookshelves with scrolls. The recipe can include any kind of wood.

Note: Some enchantments may be unavailable due to how other mods interact with enchanted books.


Scroll Bookshelf Recipe:

 Bag of Holding

This item does a lot, here's what it can do:

  1. Right-click when in off-hand and not pointed to any block to open the inventory of the bag.
  2. Shows the currently selected item when placed in the off hand and what is the current slot number.
  3. Right-click when in off-hand and pointed at a block within range to place the currently selected item (if it can be placed in the world).
  4. Use Alt + X, Alt + Z to change the currently selected item.
    1. These keybinds can be changed in the normal keybind menu.
  5. Sneak and right-click when the bag is in your off-hand to open/close the bag.
  6. When the bag is open it will automatically harvest block/monster drops and place it in the bag instead of your normal inventory!



When Open:

When Closed:

Crates and Bunches of Foodstuffs

Bunches and crates are a way to store large amounts of foodstuffs. 

There are currently 4 varieties of storage.

  1. Eggs
  2. Carrots
  3. Potatoes
  4. Beetroots

The first tier is a "bunch" or "clutch" (for eggs) of the associated food. This is created by placing 8 of the food in a circle in a crafting table.

Of course there are reversal recipes for all of this. For pictures of the reversal recipes, check out the images tab.

Pictures of Bunches/Clutches recipes

The second tier is a "Crate" or "Carton"(for eggs) of the associated food. You typically create these by surrounding an empty crate with a bunch/clutch. Eggs are unique here since you want to put some paper between the egg bunches so they don't break!




Redstone Clock:

Turns redstone power on and off in configurable directions and length of time!

 This block will turn on and off periodically. If you right-click on the block you can configure how long it stays on and off. You can even specify which sides of the block send out power.



Dirt Slabs:

Some dirt slabs to keep the monsters at bay.

When placed this block can turn into a Grass Slab if there are other grass blocks near by.


Dirt Stairs:

Some dirt stairs for when you don't have enough stone.

When placed this block can turn into a Grass Stair if there are other grass blocks near by.


Dirt Wall:

A dirt wall that won't crumble!

When placed this block can turn into a Grass Wall if there are other grass blocks near by.


Grass Slabs:

Nice slabs of grass.


Grass Stairs:

Dirt stairs with a nice layer of grass for your tired feet.


Grass Wall:

A nice dirt wall with some grass on top.


Enriched Farmland:

What do you want to grow? This can grow anything!

This block can grow any vanilla crop including things like Nether Wart and Sugar Cane.


Redstone Scanner:

Trigger traps (or open mundane doors) when players, monsters or animals are near!

This block can scan in a radius around it to detect entities and generate a redstone signal if it finds one. This block can look for Animals, Non-Players (Villagers), Monsters and Players. The size of the scanning radius can be configured and the sides which are scanned can be configured.



Mini Block of Redstone:

When you need a little bit of redstone power.


Glowstone Slabs:

Same glowy power as regular glowstone but for half the size!


Extra Functionality

Right-click Crop Harvesting

Right-click on any fully grown crop to harvest the results and re-plant the seeds if any seeds would have dropped or if you have some in your inventory.

Coal ore can drop something shiny

Coal ore has a chance to drop Diamond Shards when broken. 4 Diamond Shards can be crafted into a Diamond.


Leaves can drop sticks and apples

When you break a any kind of leaf block (without shears) there is a chance for it to drop a stick and/or an apple.

Tall grass drops more than seeds

Tall grass has a chance to drop each of the following items when broken:

  1. Beetroot seeds
  2. Melon seeds
  3. Pumpkin seeds
  4. Cocoa seeds
New recipes

The following new recipes are included.

  1. Smelt any undamaged vanilla armor back into their crafted ingredients.
    1. Armor Recipes configuration setting.
  2. The following are associated with the Wood Recipes configuration setting.
    1. Wood slabs (must be same type) in 2x2 square goes to 4 sticks.
    2. 2 Wood slabs (must be same type) can be turned back into 1 plank.
    3. 2 Wood stairs (must be same type) can be turned back into 3 planks.
  3. The following are associated with the Stone Recipes configuration setting.
    1. 2 Stone stairs can be turned into 3 blocks.
    2. 2 Stone slabs can be turned into 1 block.
  4. The following are associated with the Misc Recipes configuration setting.
    1. Smelt rotten flesh to leather.
    2. Clay Ball recipe:
    3. Glowstone Dust recipe:
    4. Slime Ball recipe:
  5. Nether Star Recipe:
    1. This recipe has it's own configuration setting. 
  6. Saddle Recipe
  7. String Recipe
  8. Charcoal Block
Dirt drops more than just dirt

Dirt/grass has a chance to drop each of the following items when broken:

  1. Carrot
  2. Potato
  3. Beetroot
  4. Bone
  5. Clay (The item, not the block)
Stone drops more than just cobblestone

Stone has a chance to drop each of the following items when broken:

  1. Coal
  2. Iron Nuggets
  3. Flint
  4. Gold Nuggets
Flat bedrock generation - 1.12.2 only

The bedrock in the overworld will be flat when this functionality is turned on. This way you can dig really far down and don't have to jump around too much to get around.

Example (Glowstone added for light):

Home command

By typing /home into chat you will be transported to the last bed you slept in when you are in the overworld.

If you are not in the overworld (such as the Nether or the End or some other Mod Dimension, you

will be transported to where you entered the dimension.

Mobile Light - 1.12.2 only

When you have a block which emits light (like a torch) in one of your hands, it will light up the area around you. 

This is a client-side only change so it won't affect how monsters spawn and a server admin can turn this off.



Step Assist

For when you have that extra spring in your step. 

This is NOT the auto-jump feature in Minecraft. This enchantment (which has 3 different levels) allows you to move up a block automatically like a horse does. 

Level 1: Move up blocks up to 1 block high.

Level 2: Move up blocks up to 1.5 blocks high (fences/walls).

Level 3: Move up blocks up to 2. blocks high.


You can use this in any mod pack, you don't need permission.


In The Works: