Remove Block Outline

350 Downloads Last Updated: May 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

This small mod removes the block outline that is rendered by default when you look at a block.


The concept of this mod is very similar to the one of Remove Mouseover Highlight by MrAmericanMike. I recommend to check out this mod if you are looking for support for Minecraft 1.12 or older.

Remove Blocks Outlines by dinoolek does the same for version 1.14 (Fabric)

This mod will be brought to 1.14 soon!




There is a hotkey which allows you to toggle the feature on and off. Default hotkey is 'n' but you can change it in the minecraft settings.


Terms of use:

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You are allowed to:

  • Use the mod and create videos and screenshots
  • Share the mod by referring to this topic
  • Add the mod to your modpack, (The modpack must be F2P).

You are not allowed to:

  • Reupload the mod or a modification of it (if not explicitly allowed by the mod author)
  • Claim the mod or any part of it as yours
  • Profit from the mod in any way




This mod has been created for Forge 1.13.2 25.0.209. Please note that this mod might not work correctly with older Forge versions.


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