Reliquary v1.3

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Filename Reliquary-1.11.2-
Uploaded by P3pp3rF1y
Uploaded Apr 9, 2017
Game Version 1.11.2
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Mob charm (or mob belt with charms) now work in pedestals. They protect players in their range from being attacked by mobs. By default the range is set to 21, may change that in the future.
Fortune coin now has a keybind for enablind/disabling it (by default set to NONE, up to players to set it to whatever works for them). Works when the coin is in any of the player inventory slots including Baubles.


Villagers are now blacklisted for swords in pedestals, so it's now safe to use these with free roaming villagers around
Added check to lyssa hook so that it doesn't steal equipment that's not supposed to drop from mobs at all.
Added check for damage caused to player for wither damage when the player has witherless rose. Previously it would just clear wither effect which wasn't enough in some cases.
Added check for potion essence existence to apothecary cauldron before allowing player to put in any other ingredients. Fixes an issue when sometimes it was possible to augment potions without the ingredients being used.
Fixed JEI recipes for Tome of Alkahestry
Fixed NPE that crashed players when they tried to reequip zombie pigman charm while zombie were aggroed at them
Fixed lava dupe with infernal chalice
Fixed tooltip for display only pedestals