Reliquary v1.3

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Filename Reliquary-1.10.2-
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Uploaded Sep 12, 2016
Game Version 1.10.2
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


Added lingering potions to potion system, can be crafted for all kinds of effects that the regular and splash can as well
- created in cauldron by adding dragon's breath on top of prepared splash potion
- similar to vanilla potions
- they don't get durability or amplifier cut down on crafting them, which makes them more useful
- can be shot out of dispensers
- JEI recipes include the needed dragon's breath for these

Added tipped arrows for all Reliquary lingering potion variants
- limitted to 1/8th of duration the same as vanilla ones
- can be shot out of dispensers
- JEI recipes are included for the different combinations

Added potion shots and related potion magazines
- any shot types can be enhanced with potions by surrounding lingering potion with that shot type
- duration is only shortened to 1/5th for potion shots making them a little better alternative to arrows
- and of course once you put these potion shots in a magazine it will retain both the shot type and the attached potion
- the maximum basic (non potion) damage of potion shots is limitted to 4 to allow for more gentle applying of potions to entities
- JEI recipes are included for neutral shot/magazine combinations with potions


Hero Medallion changes
- additional pedestal functionality - searches for mending items in nearby pedestals and repairs them with its xp
- there are new config options related to this functionality for cooldown, range and maximum amount of xp used for repairs each step
- in HUD it now displays xp levels instead of stored experience points and in addition to levels it shows xp bar for the next level


Made a change to cauldron so that it will work with fluidhandler capability items
Made a change so that all potions are not called the same, but instead we have empty vial, potion, splash potion and lingering potion
Lowered default redstone and glowstone limits on cauldron to more reasonable level - 3 redstone and 2 glowstone (you would need to edit this in your preexisting config file)
Added Single block hoe action to harvest rod, which was missing despite AOE one being there
Added translations for potion amplifiers higher than III
Added compatibility with new tinkers after it has been restructured quite a bit


Fixed using Alkahestry Tome for ore dictionary items
Change to hopefully fix NPEs primarily with Rending Gale, but can affect Ender Staff and Harvest Rod as well
Updated twilight cloak description in JEI to include note on turning it on first
Fixed issue with pedestals inserting into slots they can't and effectively destroying items
Fixed JEI descriptions for mob charms