The mod will no longer be updated for 1.16.5
The recipes are on the Mod's Official CurseForge Page

This Forge mod adds every disc created by RedWolf
Every disc is unique, and has its own mood. They can be obtained by crafting on a special workstation.


May 8th 2023: Every disc from the mod is now on Spotify, Youtube Music(it was there already), Deezer and Apple Music! 

Click here to listen!


If you have any questions – Join our Discord server and ask them: https://discord.gg/mC7WEHznbe

Getting Started :
All the discs are obtained by crafting a Disc Inscriber. It can be used to craft the new discs, using a Disc Frame and an Item. The Disc Inscriber can be used for decoration and fully rotated.

Recipes (Disc Frame + X) :
Night In Savanna : Acacia Sapling
Amethyzied : Amethyst Shard
Into the Jungle : Hanging Roots
The Lost Soul : Soul Sand / Soil
Flying Ships : Popped Chorus Fruit
Forest : Oak Log
The Bright Side : Shroomlight
Waves : Sand

Shrooming : Mycelium

Birch Sunrise : Birch Log

Special Disc :
The Dark Side : The Bright Side + Wither Skeleton Skull

How to get a "Disc Frame" ? :
- Put any disc in a Stonecutter to turn it into a Disc Frame

Disc Bag :
The Disc Bag allows you to store up to 9 discs!

List of discs added:
Into The Jungle




Night In Savannah

The Bright Side

The Dark Side

Flying Ships

The Lost Soul

v1.3 RECIPES :

How to get the discs:

- Master Level Mason will trade "Amethyzied" for 32 emeralds

- Expert Cartographers will trade "Night in Savanna" for 16 emeralds and a disc frame

- Master Cartographers will trade "Flying Ships" for 16 emeralds and a "Pigstep" disc

 - "Forest", "Into the Jungle" and "The Bright Side" can be crafted using disc frames

- "The Dark Side" can be obtained by smelting "The Bright Side" disc

- When killed in a Soul Sand Valley, Skeletons will drop fragments of the disc "The Lost Soul" (can be configured with the gamerule lostSoulsDropProbability). 9 Fragments can be used to craft a full disc.


Big shoutout to Sweety for redesigning all the discs
You can add this mod to your modpack