Redstone Multimeter

Redstone Multimeter is a LiteMod for 1.12 by NarcolepticFrog. It is an easy to use, intuitive redstone debugging tool. Since LiteLoader never updated past 1.12.2, the mod is stuck in that version. Redstone Multimeter Fabric is a Fabric port of the original mod, which makes it compatible with the newest versions of Minecraft!


Redstone Multimeter allows you to track a myriad of redstone related events by placing virtual "meters" in the world. This makes it incredibly easy to see when blocks are e.g. powered or moved, and the order in which they do so. An overview of logged events is displayed in a HUD in the top left corner of the screen. This HUD has three components:

  • The meter list: Each meter gets its own row and simply displays its name here.
  • The primary event viewer: This is a graph showing logs of a 60 gt period. It usually shows logs of the past 60 gt, meaning you will see them scroll by in real-time. You can use the hotkeys to pause the HUD and scroll through the logs at your own pace.
  • The secondary event viewer: This graph is usually hidden, but when the HUD is paused, it will appear next to the primary event viewer. It shows the order of events within the selected tick.

Meters are organized into meter groups. A meter group is a collection of meters and a unique name. You can have multiple meter groups, but the HUD will only display the logs of a single meter group. To subscribe to a meter group, use the /meter group <name> command. You can get a list of all meter groups by using the /meter listGroups command.


  • /metergroup list: query a list of all available meter groups.
  • /metergroup subscribe: subscribe to your default meter group (which you can configure in the Options Menu).
  • /metergroup subscribe <name>: subscribe to the meter group with the given name, or create it if it does not already exist.
  • /metergroup unsubscribe: unsubscribe from this metergroup.
  • /metergroup private*: query whether this meter group is private or public.
  • /metergroup private [true|false]*: set this meter group to private or public.
  • /metergroup members list*: query a list of all members of this meter group.
  • /metergroup members add <player>*: add a player as a member of this meter group.
  • /metergroup members remove <player>*: remove a player as a member of this meter group.
  • /metergroup members clear*: remove all members from this meter group.
  • /metergroup clear: remove all meters from this metergroup.

* these subcommands are only available to you if you are the owner of this meter group


  • Toggle Meter (default M): Adds or removes a meter at the block you are looking at. Holding ctrl makes the meter immovable.
  • Reset Meter (default B): Resets the properties of the meter you are looking at.
  • Pause Meters (default N): Pauses HUD.
  • Step Forward (default . ): If paused, moves the display 1 tick ahead in time. Holding ctrl moves 10 ticks.
  • Step Backward (default ,): If paused, moves the display 1 tick back in time. Holding ctrl moves 10 ticks.
  • Toggle HUD (default H): toggles the HUD.
  • Scroll HUD (default alt): scrolling while holding this key steps forward or backward through the HUD.
  • Open Multimeter Screen (default G): opens the Multimeter screen.
  • Open Meter Controls (default I): opens the meter controls of the meter you are looking at.
  • Open Options Menu (default O): opens the Options Menu.
  • View Tick Phase Tree (default U): opens the Tick Phase Tree screen.
  • Print Logs To File (default P): toggles the printer.