Redstone Gauges and Switches

313,250 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

The Mod adds devices to output or measure redstone power in different style variants.

The complete documentation, feature details, credits, and community references is in proper format on the github project page here.


  • Switches

    • Buttons ("pulse switches")
    • Levers ("bi-stable switches")
    • Normal pressure plates ("contact switches")
    • Shock sensitive pressure plates ("contact switches", detect when something/one falls on it)
    • Entity detectors (players, villages, animals, mobs, etc)
    • Block detectors (category based, e.g. "solid", "ore", "wood", "sapling", "farmland", "water" (includes ice), "liquid", etc)
    • Day timers (06:00 to 24:00)
    • Interval timers (tick based timers)
    • Light sensors ("auto switch" category)
    • Rain sensors ("auto switch" category)
    • Lightning sensors ("auto switch" category)
    • Switch-Link relays (optimised for wireless transmission)
    • Switch-Link receivers (optimised for wireless transmission)
    • Knock sensors (seismic detection of click or breaking an adjacent block)
    • Trapdoor switches (emit a signal and open)
  • Gauges

    • Analog / digital (show redstone power 0 to 15)
    • LEDs and semaphores ("indicators", show on/off)
    • Alarm lamps (also on/off)
    • Alarm sirens and bells ("sound indicators")
    • Sensitive glass (glass that emits light or changes color)
  • Style variants ("series") are e.g. industrial, retro industrial, rustic, old fancy, glass, etc. For a pack you can configure exactly which series you like to include and exclude (makes no sense to have futuristic glass in a mystic medieval world, so only the rustic series is used).

  • Special features

    • All switches can be configured to weak/strong and inverted/not inverted with a redstone torch.
    • Most of the switches can be wirelessly linked with Ender Pearls.
    • Pulse duration of buttons is configurable with a Redstone dust stack.
    • Some switches and gauges can be colored with dye.
    • Some plates can react or ignore players, mobs, villagers, animals, items, etc.

Source code, mod pack integration, back ports, bug reports

Sources: Are located on the github: Packs: If your mod pack is open source as well and has no installer (e.g. adding adware, bloatware or whatever), you don't need to ask and simply integrate this mod. Bug reports: Yes, please let me know. Drop a mail or better open an issue for the repository.


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