Redstone Gauges and Switches

308,610 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 11, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Summary screenshot

Testing grounds overview

In game (testing game) usage of voltmeter gauges, ESTOP button, green LED indicator.

In game usage of bistable machine switch for crusher and furnace control

Light switch design.

In game usage of bistable lever switch for food production control.

In game usage of glass bar gauge for Botania mana pool level display.

Alarm lamp connected to Cyclic entity detector (via cyclic wireless trnasceivers). No mobs allowed at home.

Rotary machine switch for IE arc furnace enable.

Pulse switch for IE silo item requests.

v1.0.0rc2: Indirect weak and direct power measurement

As of v1.0.0rc2 gauges can measure indirect weak and direct weak/strong power.

v1.0.0rc2: Tesing with wireless redstone mod

v1.0.1 preview: Alarm siren

Plays frequently an industry alarm sound when powered.

v1.0.1 preview: Contact mat

Similar to a pressure plate. Configurable sensitivity, output power, creature type, and creature count threshold.

v1.0.1 preview: Infrared motion detector

Monitors a range in front of it and switches its output power depending on how which creatures it sees.

v1.0.1 preview: Linear laser detector switch

Monitors a line with configurable range, entity type and entity count, and outputs a redstone signal on detection.

v1.0.1 preview: Switches are configurable

All switches (sensors and manual switches) are now configurable by multi-left-clicking them empty handed, see image.

Recipes v1.0.0

"Cheat sheet" for release 1.

v1.0.1b1 summary screenshot

Updated summary screenshot with new blocks.

v1.0.1: Door contact mat

Door contact mat switch, weak power config.

v1.0.1 sensitive contact mat

Sensitive contact mat, configured to output strong rs power.

v1.0.1b2 mechanical retro style bistable switches

v1.0.1b2 mechanical retro style pulse switches

v1.0.1b2 mechanical retro style hopper switch

v1.0.1b2 mechanical retro style hopper attachable switch

v1.0.1b3 summary screenshot

v1.0.1b3 automatic switches

v1.0.2: Old fancy switches/levers proposal

No idea yet if these will be integrated as they are now, but as a first shot - these would be "old fancy" style.

v1.0.2b1 Old fancy bistable switches

v1.0.2b1 Old fancy pulse switches

v1.0.2 rustic bistable switches

Bi-stable switches added in v1.0.2.

v1.0.2 rustic pulse switches

Pulse switches added in v1.0.2.

Recipes by device types

Shows the recipes for different types of block added by this mod, and how to cycle through different styles in a series.

Recipes by style series

Shows how the framing ingredients look like for making different series.

v1.0.2 test logicgates

test with logicgates.

Animated pulse switch off-time configuration example

Glass pressure plate and sensitive glass

Shows transparency/texture changes of the sensitive glass in combination with the added glass contact plate.

v1.0.3b4 glass switches (bi-stable)

v1.0.3b4 glass switches (buttons)

v1.0.3b4 redstone sensitive glass, preview v1.0.3b5 switch tinting.

Pyramid of Tsort with thunderstorm warning

Application of sensitive glass combined with environmental sensor switches. The glass is transparent except when there is a thunderstorm, then red.

Switch linking

Animation showing how switches are linked.

Block observation switch (v1.1.1b2)

Slider dimmer (v1.1.2)