Gauges and Switches

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Filename rsgauges-1.14.4-1.2.1-b1.jar
Uploaded by wilechaote
Uploaded Jan 30, 2020
Game Version 1.14.4
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Supported Minecraft 1.14 Versions


  - v1.2.1-b1  [A] Added Industrial Comparator Switch.

  - v1.2.0     [R] Release build v1.2.0.

  - v1.2.0-b2  [F] Fixed JEI integration warning if nothing is opt'ed out (thx @SDUBZ).
               [A] Added GIT version logging.
               [M] Lang en_us: Sensitive Glass block names adapted (issue #15, thx Dimentive).

  - v1.2.0-b1  [A] Added JEI integration.
               [M] All Forge blockstates transformed to vanilla format.
               [M] Model "vanillafication" rework, part 2.
               [D] Removed obsolete switches (registry not affected).
               [M] Recipes simplified, recipe conditions unified.
               [M] Code updates for version compatibility.
               [A] All block are waterloggable (including Sensitive glass).

  - v1.1.10-b3  [M] Strong power output of levers and buttons also output weak power
                    to all sides (like vanilla levers).
                [M] Touch config for automatic switches (small buttons on the devices)
                    are not restricted anymore to using the empty hand.

  - v1.1.10-b2  [M] Global parent definition in model files updated.
                [M] Language file updates.

  - v1.1.10-b1  [F] Indicator-powered check modified to support accepting direct strong
                    power from blocks which normally cannot provide power.
                [M] Made metallic switch textures slightly lighter.

  - v1.1.9-b2   [F] Fixed switch link relay input bug (issue #14, thx wieselkatz!).
                [F] Fixed optional-recipe condition for know switches.

  - v1.1.9-b1   [U] Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.1.69/20190719-1.14.3.

  - v1.1.8-b4   [U] Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.1.44/20190719-1.14.3.

  - v1.1.8-b3   [U] Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.1.10/20190719-1.14.3.
                [A] Knock switches (seismic adjacent block click detectors) added.

  - v1.1.8-b2   [U] Updated to Forge 1.14.4-28.0.81/20190719-1.14.3, recipe
                    condition processing adapted accordingly.

  - v1.1.8-b1   [F] Fixed contact switch sound issue.
                [A] Added right-click switch configuration with Redstone Dust,
                    Ender Pearl or Switch Link Pearl.
                [M] Industrial door contact mat model changed.
                [M] Industrial sensitive contact mat model changed.
                [M] Industrial shock sensitive contact mat model changed.
                [M] Industrial cased link receiver models changed.
                [M] Industrial block detector model changed.
                [M] Industrial trapdoor switch models changed.
                [M] Industrial dimmer model changed.

  - v1.1.7-b2   [A] Entity detectors have configurable pulse time.
                [M] Industrial bistable switch model changes ported
                    from 1.12.

  - v1.1.6-b1   [A] Color tint support of gauges, glass switches,
                    and sensitive glass ported.
                [M] Block detector switch patterns support tags.

  - v1.1.5-b1   [A] Initial 1.12.2 to 1.14.4 port of all
                    features except color tinting and
                    Forge ore dictionary dependent blocks.