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Standalone Jar file for the Redstone Flux API.

Important note for mod developers: Repacking the THIS API or the OLD API (cofh.api.energy) in your mods will cause crashes. Do not do that. :)

If you want capabilities, use Forge Energy - it's literally the RF capability. Having said that, why use this at all?

Frankly, there's not a great single reason, except that interfaces are more performant, reliable, and provide a template for you as a coder to make sure that you didn't screw up somewhere. And they're trivial to cast to capabilities.

Or, maybe you just want pure RF and you don't want all the various new Flux variants to power your stuff. That's 100% fine too. :)

Mod developers, here's what needs to go into your build.gradle:

repositories {
    maven {
        name = "CoFH Maven"
        url = "http://maven.covers1624.net"

dependencies {
    deobfCompile "cofh:RedstoneFlux:1.12-"


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