Redstone Boxes

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Redstone Boxes


Redstone Boxes is a mod which allows you to create a box capable of disappearing from one place and reappearing in another one in the mineverse, even between dimensions. What makes these boxes remarkable is that their interior is in a dimension of it's own, and therefore, much bigger! You can customize them by growing different kinds of rooms, changing their external appearance, redesigning the interior... (some of these features are not yet implemented).


Please note that some of the mechanics, costs in particular, are likely to change in the near future.

Current features

  • creation of the boxes
  • random coordinate selection
  • accurate coordinate selection with a granularity of 10 blocks
  • selectable exterior facing
  • recall function

Planned features

  • Support more than one box. This seems sort of important :-D
  • In-game manual
  • Travel time dependent on distance and other factors
  • Possibility of "interesting events" during travel. Namely malfunctions.
  • Retractable platform, for mid-air materialisation
  • External force field, for mob repulsion and underwater (or other fluids) materialisation
  • Growing new rooms
  • Abstract Energy storage
  • Using Abstract Energy to repair and enchants items, smelting...
  • Matrix storage (high-density multiblock fluid and item storage)
  • Quarrying
  • In-world fluid transposition
  • Terraforming
  • Biome location
  • Improved navigation controls

Getting started

You'll want a good bunch of iron, and some redstone, in order to get started. Just make a hollow 3x3x3 cube of Redstone Chassis, around a single Abstract Core block. When done properly, the cube will acquire an orange tint. Right click it with a Sonic Redstone Driver to activate it, and it will turn into your very own Redstone Box!


Right click the door to traverse it. You will then have to craft and install some controls wherever you want.

Abstract Energy

These Redstone Boxes operate on Abstract Energy (otherwise known as experience). This is a design decision meant to encourage exploration and interaction with the outside world. Currently, one level of experience is required in order to dematerialise. Materialisation is free.


Note that "one level" in the paragraph above means 160 experience points, which is the experience necessary to go from level 0 to 1. This means that, at higher levels, you will not consume a whole level, just a small fraction of it. 


Radius selector

Affects the function of both the Randomizer and the Coordinates Selector.

Dimension Selector

Cycles through the available dimensions


Selects a destination at random

Coordinates Selector/Course Setter

Use the Coordinates Selector to choose a landing place, then press the Course Setter to select it.


Causes the Redstone Box to dematerialize from its current position, or to materialize at it's destination.


The Redstone Box will happily materialise over tall grass, leaves, torches, flowers, and of course air. Any other material in a 5x4x5 around the center point will prevent materialisation.

Sonic Redstone Driver

This item currently has three modes. Shift-right-click on something to cycle between them, or simply right click to use it.


  • SCAN: unimplemented
  • RECALL: order the Redstone Box to materialise over the block pointed at, if possible
  • KEY: allows to traverse the door


This mod is currently in alpha, and at the moment only written for a single player game.


Redstone boxes was inspired by the TARDIS bukkit plugin


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