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Red’s More Structures adds new structures to Minecraft Java 1.19 to 1.19.4 Fabric, Forge, and Quilt, making the world a more exciting place with new structures to explore. All structures contain loot, and in some you can also encounter enemies. In this first version, Red’s More Structures is still in testing, since these structures can generate very close or far from each other. Based on my Addon for Minecraft Bedrock. Download Bedrock Version.


1 file compatible with Fabric, Forge, and Quilt for Minecraft 1.19 to 1.19.4


2 Download Options Available:

  • Common Spawn Rate
  • Rare Spawn Rate

Red´s More Structures


  • All structures contain loot.
  • Structures in the desert can be buried. Dig to find loot.


Structures in the first version

  • Tower
  • Beach House
  • Abandoned House
  • Mini Buddha 1
  • Mini Buddha 2
  • Great Buddha
  • Oracle of the Plain
  • Ice Oracle
  • Flower Oracle
  • Dark Tower
  • Desert Sphinx
  • Great Pyramid
  • Jungle Pyramid


See the images section for more details.

Dark Tower


Update v1.0.5


  • Replacement of Buddha statues by statues not related to religion
  • Improved Abandoned House
  • Add stray to snow oracle
  • Added witches in flower oracle
  • Removed mat on swamp structures that prevented mobs from walking
  • Added bed in the 4 clearing structures
  • Added Great Statue of Herobrine structure
  • Added Great Oracle structure
  • Added Patheon structure in the desert
  • Added hay bale block on the tower allowing to jump on it to go down
  • Decreased honey and gunpowder from loot
  • Improved distribution of two structures for swamp and mangrove swamp
  • Changed structure names for better fetching and better compatibility with mods looking for structures
  • Removed several skeleton heads from both pyramids (desert and jungle)