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Recruit Villagers and command them like in M&B Bannerlord!


example gameplay:


  • Hireable Villagers with emeralds
  • Screens to command and manage your Recruits
  • pvp compatibility
  • Teams support with custom GUI
  • Smart Eating / Healing and Potion using AI
  • Best Blocking AI
  • Groups to Command a big army at once
  • Listening/Ignoring commands to make Town Guards
  • Village Spawning
  • Disbanding
  • Configure everthing you want!
  • disable Damage Imunity





Buy the new Profession Blocks from a Armorer or a Weaponsmith, both need to be level 2.

Place the Profession Block and wait, untill a unemployed Villager, change its Profession to a new Recruit.


To command the Recruits, you need to hire them first:

Right click a Recruit to open the Hiring Screen, if you have enough emeralds in your inventory, you can hire this Recruit.



R - open command menu.

Crouch-Right-Click to open the recruit inventory.

- open team menu.


Team management:

Update 1.9.0 introduced the ability to manage and create teams for multiplayer. The newly added team menu can be accessed using the configurable keybind U or through the command screen. In this menu, you can create or inspect your own team, or view the list of existing teams in your world.



  • Team Creation:


To create a new team, you need a banner and a name. The banner cannot be blank and must be unique. You cannot use banners or names from other teams. Creating a team will cost you 10 emeralds (or the configurable currency) 



  • Team Inspection:

If you have created a team, you can now inspect it through the main menu.

In the team inspection screen, you can view information about your team, such as the current number of players and NPCs, a list of all players, the currently used banner, and the team leader. The team leader can also edit, manage, and delete the team from this screen.



Team members can also inspect the team from this screen, but they can only leave the team from here.



  • List of Teams:

The team list screen displays all teams that are saved in the world. Players who are not in a team can send a join request to any team.



  • Adding Players:

If players have sent a join request through the teams list menu, the team leader can add them to the team using the 'Manage' button in the team inspection screen. Note that the players need to be online and next to each other.



  • Removing Players:

The team leader can remove a player from the team by typing the player's name in the edit box and pressing the 'Remove Player' button.






  • "Follow me" - Recruits will follow you.
  • "Hold my position" - Recruits will hold your current position.
  • "Hold your position" - Recruits will hold the position they are currently on.
  • "Back to position" - Recruits will go back to the position they were previously on.
  • "Wander freely" - Recruits are free to move anywhere.
  • "Neutral" - Recruit attacks only hostile mobs.
  • "Aggressive" - Recruit attacks players and other recruits too.
  • "Raid" - Recruits attack all living entities.
  • "Clear targets" - Forgets and stops attacking the current target.
  • "Upkeep" - Recruits will restock their food from the mob or chest you are looking at.
  • "Hail of arrows" - Bowman will continuously shoot at the position you are looking at.
  • "Guard this" - Recruit will guard and protect the mob you are looking at.
  • "Move" - Recruit will move to the position you are looking at.
  • "Shields" - Recruits equipped with shields will raise/lower their shields with your command.
  • "Team" - Opens the team menu




Hold here:



Back to position: 





Hold your Position:




Recruits healing / eating:


 Recruits using shield:


 Recruits using potions:




Bowman AI:






Other (configurable):

  • Recruits are Spawning instead of Iron Golems
  • Pillager can now spawn naturally
  • Pillager has now a increased Combat Range
  • Pillager can now spawn with Sword and Shield
  • Vindicator can now spawn with Sword and Shield
  • Monsters and Pillagers can attack each other
  • Pillager friendly fire can be turned on/off
  • Pillager do Raid naturally
  • Quick Start Raid with throwing Ominous-Banner into Fire.
  • The amount of Recruits per Player is configurable
  • The amount of Recruits per Village-chunk to spawn is configurable
  • The amount of XP a Recruit needs for Level-Up is configurable
  • The distance at Recruits will start to follow is configurable



 Comming soon:

  • Formation Update
  • Bandits, Mercenaries and Taverns Update
  • Companion Update
  • Prisoners Update


More Info Here



Known bugs: 

  •  Don`t use team commands to add/create/ join teams, use the mods provided GUI. Using it will break recruits eventually.



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