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This mod allows you to generate JSON recipes and tags in an interactive interface.

Recipe Builder


The Recipe Builder allows you to generate JSON recipes. To generate a recipe, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Select the desired type from the list on the left (can be filtered by the dropdown above the list)
  2. Place items and fluids (WIP) in the slots in the center. Certain slots may be optional depending on the type
  3. Set the unlock condition for the recipe, if necessary (this might be optional on certain modded recipe types)
  4. Edit recipe parameters, if necessary (ie. furnace smelt time and furnace XP drop)
  5. Optionally set a recipe name (this is relevant to avoid name collisions because the default recipe name is the internal name of the result item, see naming rules below)
  6. Press the build button to export the recipe and advancement to JSON

Certain slots may allow editing, for example to use a tag from the specified item/fluid instead of the specific item/fluid

Tag Builder


The Tag Builder allows you to generate JSON tags. To generate a tag, the following steps are necessary:

  1. Set a tag name (see naming rules below)
  2. Select the tag type below the tag name field
  3. Optionally set the tag to replace the contents of any tag read by the game before this one (this should not be necessary in most cases, make sure you know what you are doing when marking this checkbox)
  4. Add entries by typing the entry's internal name in the "Entry name" field or clicking the "Entry name" field with an item depending on the type and pressing the "Add entry" button.
  5. Press the build buttin to export the tag to JSON

Depending on the type, the "Entry name" field can be clicked with certain items to specify the entry name, as specified:

  • Items: Any item
  • Blocks: Any block item
  • Fluids: Any fluid container item with a single fluid (buckets, modded fluid containers)
  • EntityTypes: Any spawn egg item (not applicable to entities which can't be spawned from spawn eggs)
  • BlockEntityTypes: Currently none
  • Effects: Any potion item with a single effect
  • Enchantments: Any enchanted book item with a single enchantment

Export location

By default the recipes and advancements will be placed under the domain the output item/fluid is registered under and tags will be placed under the "recipebuilder" domain. To change this, a recipe or tag name including a domain must be specified in the format "domain:name". The recipe or tag may be placed in a subdirectory of the "recipes" or "tags/<type>" folder by specifying the name in the format "subdir/name"

The generated recipe, advancement and tag JSON files will be placed in a fully functional datapack which is placed in a "recipebuilder" folder in the root folder of the running Minecraft instance. If you are in a singleplayer world, the same datapack will also be placed in the datapacks folder of the running world and the new recipe or tag can be immediately activated by running the /reload command.

TODO list

  • Fully implement fluid support
  • Add indicator for which slots are optional and which slots are mandatory
  • Add indicator for which slots allow editing


The idea for this mod was brought up by AVARITIA#0394 on the Forge Discord