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Filename RebornCore-1.16-4.3.2+build.49.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Jul 9, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 516.06 KB
Downloads 5,345
MD5 8aa1de9c2f5ed3150b883ac8e0974a1c
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(justin vitale) #betaBuild
(justin vitale) Multiblocks with fluids, render it in a bucket to inform user about it
(justin vitale) use isEmpty function, fix issues with 0mb fluid clogging
(justin vitale) "Equal or more than" not "more" for checking if can fit liquid
(justin vitale) setChanged() when removing stack from RebornInventory
(justin vitale) Set maxCountPerStack to stacklimit given by callers
(justin vitale) Add isEmptyFluid for fluidInstance and fix setFluidAmount to use it
(justin vitale) fix spacing for WorldUtils function
(justin vitale) Add WorldUtils overloaded function for spawning item
(modmuss50) Fix
(modmuss50) Update Jenkinsfile
(modmuss50) Proof of concpet support for using Codec's in BESH syncing.
(modmuss50) Speedup build
(modmuss50) Fix #2143