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Filename RebornCore-1.15-4.1.0+build.67.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Jan 3, 2020
Game Version 1.15.1
Size 496.29 KB
Downloads 1,306
MD5 0971cb2b779d662c6331d9cc3aa09a04
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(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(drcrazy) Fix torch placement for OmniTool. Kudos to vhd. Closes #136
(modmuss50) Added fly speed command
(modmuss50) Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.15' into 1.15
(modmuss50) Use accessor mixins where possible
(prospector) Fix ConditionManager.registryContains so that it works on defaulted registries
(drcrazy) Fix rotation with wrench. Closes #1940
(drcrazy) Cleanup of GUI Builder
(modmuss50) Add .editorconfig file
(drcrazy) Added ugly tips for slot config. Closes TechReborn/TechReborn#1605
(drcrazy) Some work on SlotConfig tips
(modmuss50) Add basic chunk gen command + command cleanup