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Filename RebornCore-1.15-4.0.22+build.16.jar
Uploaded by modmuss50
Uploaded Nov 21, 2019
Game Version 1.15-Snapshot
Size 861.87 KB
Downloads 65
MD5 53d8dae9068efe527edfab86f330c6c7
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(modmuss50) #betaBuild
(modmuss50) Fix server crash
(modmuss50) 1.15-pre1
(modmuss50) Rendering fixes
(modmuss50) Some 1.15 fixes
(modmuss50) Remove energies for now
(modmuss50) Merge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/origin/1.14' into 1.15
(modmuss50) Initial port to 19w46a
(drcrazy) Bump dependencies versions
(drcrazy) Revert changes
(drcrazy) Attempt to fix Eclipse runClient
(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(modmuss50) Fix server issues, thanks mojang for making containsId client side only...
(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(modmuss50) Fix
(modmuss50) Update libs
(modmuss50) Improvements to slot filtering
(modmuss50) Add recipe conditions.
(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(modmuss50) Add a canCraft method to IRecipeCrafterProvider
(modmuss50) add a de/serialize that provides a PacketByteBuf
(mark j) Make RebornRecipe ctor save time (#125)
(mark j) Fix constructor for RebornFluidRecipe (#124)
(modmuss50) Make StackIngredient.<init> public
(modmuss50) Make FluidIngredient.<init> public
(modmuss50) add support for non-JSON recipe creation, wrapped Ingredients (#123)
(modmuss50) #releaseBuild
(drcrazy) Warnings
(modmuss50) #betaBuild
(modmuss50) Add basic extract only support to the Energies power API, used by the generators mod.
(modmuss50) Fix some bad logic around inserting items in inventory's
(modmuss50) Remove a lot of unneeded abstractions around energy
(modmuss50) Comment out game render hooks
(modmuss50) 19w38b
(modmuss50) merge 1.14 changes
(modmuss50) Fix machine active states sometimes being incorrect.
(modmuss50) #betaBuild
(modmuss50) Upload the tool I used to convert the translations, might be useful
(modmuss50) Merge branch '1.14' of into 1.14
(modmuss50) Update energy api
(drcrazy) Removed unused imports
(modmuss50) Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.14' into 1.14
(modmuss50) Finish porting to new power api
(modmuss50) #betaBuild
(modmuss50) Use a custom FluidInstance based of Silk's and fix some bugs in it.
(modmuss50) Move to semver compatible versioning