Realms Plus 1.6.4

286 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 08, 2013

Realms Plus is an exciting new Minecraft mod! It is in early beta so play nice. Please report any bugs my Email:

Realms Plus is a excitting new Mod witch adds new Chests, crazy god Swords, 3 New Ores found within the 3 Minecraft Realms.

What Realms Plus does:

3 New God Swords each with there own special power on right click :P

Adds Ore generation to the Nether and End you can now mine there.

Adds A couple of new foods.

Adds 3 sets of basic tools to the game i.e Netherrack, Endstone, Quartz.

Adds A Cool new Chest.

Adds A nifty tool to help track down that elusive platinum ore!

Adds a crazy new water.

Adds the possibility to live in the nether with generation and food!

There a heaps of new features just around the corner!

Credit:Lead Coder:Deathdude or SleekDeathdude

Textures/Visuals: BloodScorpion12


Download the latest version of forge line below:

Extract Realms Plus Zip into the mods folder.

Done :)


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