Realms of Ascencia

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Welcome to the RPG skills mod: Realms of Ascencia.


DISCLAIMER: This mod is not balanced with vanilla Minecraft and will allow you to get many materials in a short amount of time at high levels.


With this mod you will be able to level up skills.


Press the default key "I" to see the levels of your skills.


Skills currently added:

Mining - increase by mining. As you gain xp in mining your mining speed will increase and you will begin finding treasures in rocks. Certain levels allow you to unlock VeinMining which will break an entire vein of ore.


Farming - increase by farming crops. As you gain xp in farming you will find certain treasures when farming and crops will grow quicker around you.


Excavating - increase by excavating. As you gain xp in excavating you will find treasures in blocks which you excavate. The higher your excavating level the faster you will break these blocks.


Hunting - increase by killing mobs. As you gain xp in hunting you will be able to kill certain other mobs that you would not be able to kill (currently not implemented).


Foraging - increase by breaking plants. As you gain xp in foraging you will find treasures in plants and grass.


Woodcutting - increase by chopping down trees. As you gain xp in Woodcutting you will be able to chop trees down at a faster rate. Using an axe will also allow you to fell a tree in one swoop! Felling trees often reward you with treasures.


Surviving - increase by taking damage. As you gain xp in surviving you will increase your maximum health (currently not implemented).


Treasures you receive from certain skills will be better the higher level you get. You will also receive treasures more often the higher level the skill is.


This mod is heavily WIP and will soon feature more RPG elements.


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Thanks, TheCallunxz.


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