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This mod allows you to use realistic features such as footprints and more. This mod was programmed for the Fantasie 2 modpack by KrokoYT, it gets updates little by little when I think of stuff that would fit.


Realistic Features List:

-Footsteps (1.0) (2.0)

-Dirt 2 Path (3.0+)

- Feather Fall IV dosnt take Fall Damage (3.3+)

-Strawberry Bush no Damage with Armor (3.0+)

-Dont Trample Farmlands without Boots and Leather and Chain Boots (2.0+)




Fulfill the wishes of the community

Come Back from Footsteps


Q: May the mod in my mod pack?
     A: Of course, the mod may be in your mod pack as long as you give a link and earn no money and send plz a message under the project

Q: Can you add the function xyz?
     A: Yes, add me on Discord at: Kroko#0727

Q: where are the footprints in the 1.14 and 1.15?

     A: The footprints will probably only come in version 1.16 or later. Since I don't have much time at the moment

Q: Can i disable Realistic Ulities features?

     A: Yes, since the 3.1 version, you can now disable and enable features in the Config


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