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Haven´t you ever felt Minecraft was very... unrealistic?


Ever felt the need to make it feel more like... Real life?


Because, come on, you clearly know you can not break logs with your fists like some sort of strong mad-man right?


Well what this mod adds is: Crude Axs, Clubs, Hoes and Picks of all woods, maggots (which you can find by breaking grass with your hands and you can put 6 of them on a stick at the same time and even cook them), Survivors (which will want you dead for sure) and Warthogs (Same as survivors, but without a club on their hand)!


"But how are we suppoused to get these without any wood?" I´m glad you asked! Now with this mod there will be normally-generated "small" trees and rocks (you can also get small rocks from putting 1 cobblestone on your 2x2 crafting system), with 1 rock in each hand, you shift-right-click and you get 1 sharp rock, which you can use to get plant fibers when breaking grass with it and you can also use the sharp rock to break small logs, you can also make a pointy rock by doing the same procedure again (used to get a crude hoe or a crude pick),then gather them all up (use a normal small rock for a club, a sharp one for an ax, a pointy one for a hoe and put another pointy rock on the hoe if you want a pick) and you get yourself a crude tool!


"But what if I want to get iron tools?" You´ll have to make them yourself with a more realistic procedure, you´ll have to get tons of clay though. You need to put 2 clay in both your hands, then shift-right-click and you got yourself a clay smelting pot, and you can craft a brick basin with 2 bricks, but how do you get bricks? You make a clay brick with 2 Clay like you would make a pressure plate. Then you´ve got to put them on a campfire.


"Wait, I cannot make a Crafting Table, what do I do?" You can make both a fire-starter and an unlit campfire with your 2x2 crafting system. To make a fire-starter you only need 1 Small Log and 1 Stick. And to make an unlit campfire you need 4 Small Logs. Then I think you´ll know what to do. If you want to make a crafting table, you can make an iron hammer with 1 Iron Ingot and 1 Stick. Then you right-click on a plank of any type and BOOM, you´ve got yourself a Crafting Table.


"I still cannot see how to make my iron ingots" To make them, you also need a Clay Ingot Maker (Made with 1 clay). So I´ll show you how to make an iron / gold ingot:


1st: Have a Brick Basin, Smelting PotClay Ingot Maker, a Lava Source and Iron / Gold Ore.

2nd: Put Lava into the Smelting Pot then into the Brick Basin.

3rd: Put the ore of your choosing into the Smelting Pot by putting them both into the 2x2 crafting system.

4th: Put the Smelting Pot (that has the ore of your choosing) on the Lava-filled Brick Basin.

5th: Wait for the Ore to become liquified. 

6th: Grab the Smelting Pot (with the liquified ore) and put the contents into the Clay Ingot Maker.

7th: Wait for the liquid to cool and you´ve gotten yourself a nice ingot!


I know it may be slow, but it IS realistic.


Mod made with MCreator, though it is not recommendable to use it to create mods.

If you want to see my mod in MCreator, check here!


I hope you enjoy my mod! Tell me if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.