Realistic Ore Veins

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This is a minecraft mod to add realistically shaped veins of ore to your world. Useful for custom maps, modpacks, or just a different survival experience. Everything is fully configurable via json, meaning you can have ore veins of whatever type of shape or size you want.


Ore Veins can use blocks from any mod: The default generation is just intended as an example. If you want to use this mod with other ore generation mods / mods that add ore, my recommendation is to turn off the other mod's world generation, and then configure Ore Veins in the json to handle the other ores.


Ore Veins was also built with cascading world gen lag in mind, and this mod will not generate any additional chunks, no matter how large the ore veins are.

For examples of ore vein configurations, look at the default json, found in the source here. It will be created when you first load Minecraft after adding Ore Veins, found at /.minecraft/config/oreveins


Ore Veins will find any files that are placed in that folder. It will not look into subfolders, so you can use those as simple ways to disable files for testing.


For information on how to configure Ore Veins, see the Readme on Github here. If you want any additional configuration options or features, feel free to submit an issue on the issue tracker above.



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