Realistic Armor Tiers





Realistic Armor Tiers is a minecraft 1.12.2 mod, making wear armor feel more RPG-like. The different armor types modifies the players speed when worn, leather will make you run slightly faster, while diamond makes you slightly slower. Wearing full sets will apply different amplitudes of potion effects for as long as the player wears the full armor. Everything if fully customisable from the armor affected, to the speed modifiers, to the potion effects and their amplitude when wearing a full set. Support for other mods has been added and should be working.



When upgrading from 1.0.x to 1.1.x: Backup/delete config files, the json files have changed!

Only the first set that the player's equipment match is activated, all further sets that might match will not be loaded. The higher up the set is in the file, the higher it's priority! There is an exploit where players can keep potion effects by either logging out and then in again, or by dying, this has been fixed in version 1.1.1, so please use the latest version possible!


Current Features

  1. Worn Armor affects the players movement speed
  2. Wearing a full set applies potions effects depending on set
  3. Added a config file where you can change potion effects and speed modifiers
  4. Added support for other mods that add in armor
  5. Make tiers composed of different slots and let sets use tier slot instead of specific item
  6. Works on servers

Planned Features