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Update 4.4.1 Version :

Put swich OFF/ON in bar status if not want use the some bar just disable or OFF it.

Update 1.1.5 Version :

Setting of this mod change are your survivior mode to creative mode for use.

In normal game you will have saturation bar of food but this mod have 4 bar is...

- Saturation : is bar of food from normal game.
- Energy : is bar energy for need sleep when equal to 15% you will have slowness status and 0% you will have blindness status.
- Excretion : is bar excretion if saturation bar over 85% this bar will decrease and when this bar equal to 0% dirty bar will equal to 0% but excretion will equal to 100%.
- Dirty : is bar dirty when this bar equal to 0% you will have poison status.

Saturation Bar

Decrease : Time.
Solution : Just eat food :P

Energy Bar

Decrease : Time.
Solution : Just sleep on night but day you can't sleep lol.

Excretion Bar

Decrease : Time and saturation bar over 85%.
Solution : Add a bucket to the bag and press P button you will have reject bucket.

Dirty Bar

Decrease : When kill.
Solution : Just move your player to water.

How to Install :
- Download forge and install.
- Donwload this mod.
- copy this mod to %appdata%\.minecraft\mods\
- enjoy :)