Reagenchant is a mod that aims to make enchanting a lot less random. It achieves this by adding a Reagent slot to the Enchanting table. This slot will accept items that correspond to certain Enchantments. When enchanting, these Reagent items will have a high probability of applying one of their associated Enchantments to the item in the enchanting slot.

1.12 Reagents

Blaze Powder: Fire Protection, Flame, Fire Aspect
Diamond: Looting, Fortune, Infinity, Blast Protection
Glowstone Dust: Bane of Arthropods
Gold Ingot: Sweeping Edge, Silk Touch, Protection
Gunpowder: Feather Falling, Smite
Iron Ingot: Punch, Projectile Protection, Knockback
Nether Star: Mending
Obsidian: Unbreaking
Packed Ice: Frost Walker
Prismarine Crystals: Luck of the Sea, Respiration, Depth Strider
Prismarine Shard: Aqua Affinity, Lure
Redstone: Efficiency, Power, Sharpness, Thorn

1.14+ Reagents with compatability for Enchantable, Ensorcellation, and FlashFyre's Enchantments

Blaze Powder: Fire Protection, Flame, Fire Aspect
Blue Ice: Frost Walker, Frost Aspect, Chilling Rebuke
Brick: Curse of Foolishness
Diamond Hoe: Furrowing
Diamond: Hunter's Bounty, Magic Protection, Multishot, Looting, Angler's Bounty, Fortune
Emerald: Outlaw
End Crystal: Vorpal
Ender Pearl: Ender Disruption
Flint: Cavalier
Glowstone Dust: Impaling, Power, Protection, Sharpness, Reach
Glowstone: Bloodlust
Gold Ingot: Gourmand, Channeling, Thorns, Silk Touch, Infinity, Piercing, Smite
Gold Nugget: Volley
Gunpowder: Weeding, Bane of Arthropods, Blast Protection
Heart of the Sea: Tilling, Cultivator, Excavating
Iron Ingot: Stomping, Bulwark, Replanting, Projectile Protection, Knockback, Punch, Iron Skull
Iron Nugget: Steadfast
Magma Cream: Searing
Nether Star: Mending
Obsidian: Unbreaking
Prismarine Crystals: Depth Strider, Respiration, Trueshot, Luck of the Sea, Loyalty, Magic Edge
Prismarine Shard: Riptide, Lure, Weighted, Feather Falling, Aqua Affinity
Redstone Dust: Efficiency, Quick Draw, Thorns, Flaming Rebuke, Phalanx, Power, Sweeping Edge, Quick Charge, Sharpness, Air Affinity
Soul Sand: Vampiric, Leech
Spider Eye: Poison Aspect
Totem of Undying: Curse of Mercy
Tripwire Hook: Pillaging
Wither Rose: Wither Aspect

The mod is highly configurable. You can add and remove reagents, change which enchantments they provide, their probability to provide those enchantments, the minimum and maximum enchantment level, and the reagent cost.

Reagenchant requires a library mod, more info can be found here.

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