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Filename raiders-1.12.2-3.0.9.jar
Uploaded by GenDeathrow
Uploaded Jul 11, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 1.70 MB
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MD5 7adc25db03d0297679a575193e3159c9



Reduced the raider spawn rate some.
Made sure Raiders spawn with max health after bonuses were applied.

Added new config to allow raiders to not attack creepers/ anything that extends off creepers.
Fixed Mobspawner to have correct raiders types.
Pyromaniacs actually are immune to fire again
Basic Raiders are no longer immune to damage on servers(<< strange one)

Names should no longer cause some mods to spam chat when you kill or other raiders get killed.
This mod never spammed chat, but cause I get a lot of reports I'm changing it up and forcing a render my side.



  • Re-added old configs for increasing chances for armor/weapons to be give to a raider.
  • Fixed the always spawn with a full armor set to actually always spawn with the full armor set.
  • Switched how raiders get armor and weapons. Now roll for armor and weapons separately. So more chances for chaos.
  • Added new setting to override chance for raiders to get armor (ONLY IF RAIDER DIFFICULTY IS DISABLED).
  • Fixed mod name for load orders


  • Fixed issue with apparently equipment files overriding them selves every time you loaded games. << was kinda a bad bug. oops
  • Added new config options to archer/ranger class that allows you to change the attack speed in ticks.
  • Fixed some hard to read example in raiders_skin config json.


  • Raid Notifcations now handles Error notifications
  • "isEnabled" in raiders skins now works properly
  • Fixed illegal arguments for missing raiders / no raiders in skin files
    • This in turned also fixed a crash error.
  • Added Error Notifications on world load, if raiders skins has a parsing error.
  • Raiders with custom skins no longer drop player heads (Temporary?)
    • This was currently not working as intended. 


  • Fixed Server Crash cause of client side code
  • Fixed Raiders configs files for raider classes not saving / loading properly
  • Re-implemented "Safe for a day" settings in "settings.cfg"

#V3.0.4 Beta

  • Raiders now steal items from chest, break farmland, and open doors again. << Yes, they haven't been able to do this in 1.12 yet
  • Raiders will now actually wear stolen items if they can.
  • Raiders will no longer kill animals they ride, as well as other raiders will not kill those animals while they are ridden.
  • Fixed Major bug with world difficulty not reading correct data, and data was transferring from old world to new world. So If you loaded a world that was at difficulty 100, and than started a new world.. all raiders would have that higher difficuly.
  • The Setting to set raiders to be hostile with all Mobs now actually works. So you can turn it off now.

#V3.0.3 Beta
  • Added/Fixed recipes for Serum-B and Transmitter
  • Added Resource Loader for custom Skins in config directory
  • New config option to add custom skin for raider name: "customSkin": "modid:filelocaion"
  • Example of test.png: "customSkin" : "raiders:skins/test"
  • Should have fixed a Raid notification bug.. that when crazy... 
  • If I didn't fix it, I added a debug command to help determine the issue "/raiders debugmode true"

#V3.0.2 Beta
  • Catching a null pointer error when a raider dies. 

#V3.0.1 Beta
  • Fixed duplication bug dealing with raiders  

 #v3.0.0 Beta
  • Port from 1.11.2

#v2.0.3 Beta
  • Fixed issue with brute serum crashing when drinking milk

#V2.0.2 Beta
  • Finished up some of the AI
  • Finished up the new Equipment System Raiders can not get armor and weapons
  • More config options
  • changed how the biome spawning happens. Raiders should be added to any biome that spawns Zombies
  • Changed the starting values of raiders spawn weight. Now the weight will be lower so that way it doesn't overpower vanilla spawn tables. (You must re-generate your config for this to take effect)
  • Fixed issue with it not allowing players to log in on servers

#V2.0.1 ALPHA 
  • Raid Difficulty Progression implemented. 
  • The raider difficulty progression is a new system. Instead of raiders gaining bonus for all stats each time the difficulty goes up. Raiders will now randomly pick its upgrades. Random classes will gain random stats. This will make game play a little different each time. 
  • Fixed some combat issues with Witches,
  • Raid notifications are working again. 
  • Re-added commands back. 
  • More configs added to config file
  • Config file has been restructured some. 

V2.0.0 ALPHA 
  • This took a while because it was not a port, it was a rewrite of a lot of bad code
  • This is an alpha build so expect bugs.. It is also missing a lot of the old configs and features. 
  • It does not have the Raid days or Herobrine added in.
  • Witches have 2 new spells, and are much faster than before.
  • This is just to show work is getting done.
This is by no means a finished version. So expect bugs, expect have unfinished parts of the mod. 

  • Fixed issue with Brute Serum after effects not setting the default step height back.
  • Fixed issue with way too many printouts. 
  • Small null check. 

#V1.3.17 (Hotfix)
  • Fixed an issue with drops not working. Not sure what happen either broke with a java update or a forge.. but it stopped working. and I had to change how I loaded things. 

#V1.3.16 (Update &Hotfix)
  • Fixed Server Issue dealing when losing Serum-B Effect and StepHeight
  • Added new sounds & Particles when using Serum-B
  • Tweaked Serum-B Effects to have more balanced Benefit's  & Withdraw Effects

#V1.3.15 (Hotfix)
  • a single line fix.. cause I'm a derp. Fixes a step height issue related to Serum-B

#V1.3.14 (Hotfix For Large Debug Files)
  • Fixed Herobrine spawning issues.. he should only spawn once per day
  • Added Serum-B
  • Changed Recipe for Mercenary Com
  • Added new Items 

#V1.3.13 (Hotfix For Large Debug Files)
  • Fixes issues with Raiders trying to set stuff on fire.. and instead creating large debug files oops.

#V1.3.12  Tester Update
  • Added new set Raiders Difficultly command "/pr setlevel 100"
  • Added new Spawn eggs for specific Raider classes
  • Slight fix to Digging AI with ESM addon support
  • Raiders no longer try to spawn in water biomes.

  • Tweakers need line of sight to scream. NO more screaming goats outside your base. 
  • Fixed most pyros missing their "flint & steel" May have also fixed bow wielders and off hand arrows
  • Replaced Pyro's AI with a new AI. This one is more ESM friendly. 
  • Pryo's are immune to fire again
  • Brutes now step up 2 blocks
  • Friendly Raiders for now will always show their name. (Just so you know the difference. For now)
  • Bonus Xp based on raid difficulty (Random)
  • Raiders gain bonus speed a bit faster in the Progression. 
  • Raiders Bonus health was reduced slightly 
  • Added new Config options for bonus health and speed.

  • Added new Friendly Mercenaries
  • Added new Item to call for backup. (Mercenary Comm)
  • Laser Creeper Robot Dino Riders From Space supported for those sweet lasers.

  • Fixed small bug that few ppl ever saw, but now you shouldn't see it. 

  • Fixed light level spawning

  • Added world specific saved data.
Known Issues
  • Screamer/Witches when sitting aren't properly rendering armor and overlays. 

  • Fixed Issue with Server and client not showing correct progression Difficulty on notifications. 
  • Tweaked Pyro's code slightly as possible mod interaction issue.

#V 1.3.4
  • Added Config for daytime spawning to be more understandable.
  • Added Config to make torches/glowstone stop spawning around them.

  • Re increased the witch cry just a bit more. Was a tad too little last time.
  • Messed slightly with some spawning chunk sizes code for raiders.
  • New code for upcoming raider class ???
  • Removed unused code

  • Fixed an esm digging ai disabling correctly via configs.
  • Fixed Witches/Screamers fog effect... by accident.

  • Name Tags config is fixed again. They no longer show the names if turned off.
  • Added config for Screamer/Witch fog effect
  • Reduced witches Cry slightly
  • Reduced volume of Tweakers
  • Fixed a rendering glitch with child raiders not rendering players skins right.
  • Fixed config setting to make raiders ignore light levels. it was ignore no matter the setting before.

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