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Raided expands upon the vanilla raid system to allow for more advanced raid mechanics.

It adds several illager mob variants which spice up raids and make you have to think about how you deal with raids.


Currently the mods adds the following illager variants:

  • Electromancer - A mage type Illager which loves lightning and converting mobs. If you don't stop it fast you might have deal with charged creepers and even converted villagers.
  • Incinerator - An illager that befriended a Blaze which allows it to spew fireballs. (Used to be a unused part of Grimoire of Gaia)
  • Inquisitor - Nobody expects them. (Used to be a unused part of Grimoire of Gaia)
  • Necromancer - An illager that resurrects defeated raid mobs by using it's own health so you better make this one your priority or else it might get more difficult.
  • Savager - An illagers best friend that has been trained to attack pets




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