RAI (Randomly Assorted Items) Mod

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This Mod is Currently is in a Very Very Early Stage of its life. All Release are stable Alpha Versions



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Current Recipes





chain armor:

do i really need to post a recipe for this?


 The recipe for Seasoned meat is a shapeless comprise of 1 pepper, 1 salt and your choice of either beef/chicken/fish/pork/rabbit/mutton. once crafted you need to place the seasoned meat in a furnace to cook it.


salt is obtained my placing a bucket of water in a furnace(currently you dont get the bucket back that will be fixed in the next update)


pepper is obtained by killing zombies, Vexs, pig or rabbits(I'm not sure whether this is implemented in this version of the mod)


chain tools are crafted like any other tool but with chain.


 more items and a few blocks in the next update.



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