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Welcome to the world of Radiation and Decay!

This is an adventure mod created using mcreator, which adds a dimension called the Radiation Zone, some tools and armor, some mob, and lots of building blocks.

To get into the Radiation Zone, you first need to dig down into the underground to find these green ore - natural uranium - that maybe need some time.

Afterwards, craft it with coal to be able to make some Radioactive Flame.

Use 8 DeepSlate to surround 1 Glowstone, then use the Radioactive Flame on the Glowstone to open the portal.

Grab your night vision potion and follow the advancement to explore this unknown wasteland! 🍆


Note: the Mod have not been tested on the server and may be have some bug when added to the server.


q: Can I add it to my Modpack?

a: of course you can!


q: Is there any intention to port it to a lower version? / Is there any intention to make a fabric version?

a: I can't do that because this module was created using mcreator.


q: Can I use the textures and models in Radiation Zone for my own various projects?

a: Sorry, no, but I may be able to create a new texture or model in my style for you if you really need it.


Need Geckolib.