My Hero Academia Mod

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The mod adds Quirks from anime Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia). There quirks are usable in survival and will enchant the experience of the game. Quirks will range from simple fire abilities to flying.


Currently the mod add 2 Quirks: Explosions and Flight.Quirks are obtained when joining a world for the first time with the mod installed.There's also the possibility to not get any quirks.If that happens the player would be able to get the quirks of a hostile mob.That part is still in development.The key for using a Quirk is Y at the start and can be changed in Control part of the options screen.The key is called "Activate/Deactivate quirk"


To note:

-This mod is in alpha phase so there wont be a lot of quirks.Maybe just 2 or 3 to test the core parts of the mod. When the core parts are done I'll focus on adding the Quirks

-If there are any crashes when the mod is downloaded please report it with the crash file from the Minecraft directory.

-Currently Quirks don't have a cooldown or max usage time which will be added in the future updates.Max usage time will increase when the player levels up the Quirk and cooldown will decrease.


Discord server:

You can support us on patreon:


The idea of the mod is taken from the anime Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia).So the idea is not mine.


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