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For Forge and Fabric

QuickHomes is extremely simple.

Use /sethome to set your home.

Use /home to go to your home.

This mod is made for servers! Clients do not have to install QuickHomes to connect to a server with QuickHomes installed.

If you plan to use this on a singleplayer world, it will work normally.


No, you cannot set multiple homes. No, this probably will not be added.

It's just not something I want to add, there are probably other mods out there that will do this for you, but not this one.


Yes, you can disable the startup message. It's in the config file.


This mod is the first installation in my simple serverside mod series!

For an easy spawn teleport mod, see QuickSpawns

For an easy teleport request mod, see QuickTeleports


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Created by its_meow

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