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Filename Quark-r2.3-265.jar
Uploaded by Vazkii
Uploaded Oct 5, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 5.39 MB
Downloads 56,920
MD5 3ad6b10e99df9b5df5010abe90aa3bb8
Supported Modloader Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.16 Versions


- Added Bamboo Mats
- Added blue foxhounds, which spawn in the soul sand valley
- Added the ability to tie leads to fences and paper lanterns
- Added the Ingame Config System - you can now configure the mod from inside the game using the q button!
- Candles now have a default enchantment power of 1 rather than 0.5, as the enchanting table doesn't like adding up numbers with decimals
- Changed the message that appears when you reload a config to be a bit more indicative
- Fixed a bug where every time you reloaded your config, pipes got twice as slow
- Fixed Crab spawn biomes not being configurable
- Fixed crash on macos
- Fixed emote sounds not working
- Fixed foxhounds only spawning in netherrack, they can also spawn in soul sand, soul soil, and basalt now
- Fixed players in spectator mode triggering monster boxes
- Fixed quark ladders not making sound when climbed (EltrutLikes)
- Fixed quilted wool not being usable as a fuel
- Fixed slime in a bucket reporting incorrect values (Tethik)
- Fixed the chest minecart recipe not accepting non-vanilla chests (EltrutLikes)
- Fixed the mouse 4 binding to back buttons not working
- Fixed the q button disappearing if put on the right
- Fixed trowels not being able to be smelted into iron nuggets
- Increased toretoise spawn rate
- Pathfinder maps are now only sold by expert and master cartographers, in order to still allow explorer maps to be easily acquired

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