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Quark Oddities is an addon to the Quark Mod.

Oddities provides features designed around what I like to call "Player-Focused Design" (PFD from here on out).

PFD is, in simple terms, design created with the purpose of amplifying the self-gratifying feeling of "I finished it, I'm awesome!" players get when they finish a build. PFD is based around the axiom that "If you were to distill Minecraft to its essence, it would be the moment of gratification when a build is finished and you feel proud of yourself for having built it".

For example, the image above shows off the Quark Oddities Copper Pipes. These pipes are purposely designed to work in an intuitive fashion, but still low to the ground in pathing and "smart" logic. This ensures that pipes are usable for large contraptions, while still being a challenge to do so, and providing that awesome moment when you finish your build.

Oddities is a "pseudoaddon", which means all the code for it is actually in Quark itself, and the Oddities jar serves only as a user friendly way to install the module and filter packs with it. You won't have to update the Oddities mod, as all the updates will be in Quark.