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Filename Quantimate1.12.2-1.7.9.jar
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Quantimate Mod v1.7.9: The Life Orbs Update


Long time no see, huh? since May, but.... Why? Well, these last couple of months I lost a bit of interest in this mod, but hey, don't worry, I ABSOLUTELY WON'T cancel / abandon it, that will never happen.


Quantimate is currently on-hold, I'll update it occasionally, until I get interested in the mod again.




- Added Compressed Redstone Blocks

- Added Compressed Hematite Blocks

- Added the "Verwandle: Life Energy to Lifepower"

- Added Lifestars

- Added Life Orbs


About the Verwandle, Lifestars and Life Orbs


The Verwandle is a tool that allows you to turn Life Energy into Lifepower, for example, if you use it on Vitalite, said Vitalite will turn into Lifepower (LP). The Verwandle can be used on the following items:


- Vitalite (+30 LP)

- Bones (+5 LP)

- Golden Carrots (+8 LP)

- Golden Apples (+20 LP)

- Totem of Undying (+500 LP)


You can also pierce yourself with it to gain +19 LP, but that will deal damage to you (19 HP to be more specific).


But...What is LP for? Well, the point of LP is to fill Life Orbs with it, there are 9 Life Orbs: the Lifeless Orb, the Low Class Life Orb, Middle Class Life Orb, High Class, Top Class, Legacy Class, Relic Class, Legendary Class and Divine Class Life Orbs. When a life orb is completly filled with LP, it will condense it into a Lifestar. The first orb (the lifeless orb) needs 500 LP, each time you fill it, you will receive a Low Class Lifestar, with 4 of them you can craft a Low Class Life Orb, do the same thing with the Low Class Life Orb and you will be able to get Middle Class Lifestars to craft the Middle Class Life Orb.


You can check how much LP you have by looking at the name of the orb.


Life Orbs give you regeneration for 10 seconds, the higher the orb's class, the higher is the regeneration level. Also, A Life Orb gives you regeneration, yeah, but not everytime, you must take damage from a mob to activate it.




Enjoy the update :3!


This mod is still in alpha, so many of the things planned for it are missing, plus it can have some visible bug.