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Stuff added as ubc compat:

Sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks and sandstone and sand rocks(with the exception of limestone and lignite for regular rocks)

Overrides of ubc block drops for stone, coblestone, gravel, clay, sand, and sandstone.
Adds appropiate recipes based off protech rocks recipe formats but using my rocks.

Planned worldgen for ubc rocks; will work likeubc worldgen does with cobble and stone and such by replacing existing pyrotech rocks.


Misc stuff added for the pack I'm going to make:
scoria anvil - has scoria stone texure as top part and stone slab texture as bottom part; will probably change it to use yrotech nether stone instead for the bottom part.
Netherrack rock - plan to add worldgen for it in upcoming update.


Other misc stuff:

Adds andesite and diorite anvils