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Geckolib Required

This is a pvz mod that allows YOU to experience the world of Plants vs. Zombies in Minecraft!


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PvZ Additions

Welcome to the world 1 update! it many things such as the rest of the plants, zombies and some extra blocks for decoration purposes ;)

hope you like the mod ;)

List of current plants:

Peashooter- Shoots one single pea in a 14 block radius.

Sunflower- Produces sun.

Cherry Bomb- Explodes and kills all zombies on a 3x3 area.

Wall-nut- Stalls zombies with its high health.

Potato Mine- Explodes zombies on contact.

Snow Pea- Shoots one single pea in a 14 block radius that freezes zombies, making them slower.

Chomper- Eats zombies, instantly killing them, but takes a long time to chew.

Repeater- Shoots 2 peas in a 14 block radius.

List of current zombies:

Basic Zombie- Standard normal zombie.

Flag Zombie- Spawns some zombies when near the player.

Conehead Zombie- Has a cone in which provides this zombie with extra defense.

Pole Vaulting Zombie- Has a faster speed and jumps over plants.

Buckethead Zombie- Has a bucket in which it provides really good defense.

Q- Can I use this on my modpack?
A- Sure! You can freely use this mod on your modpack!


Q- Will this mod be updated further?
A- Yes! We are planning on adding so much stuff but we've just started so expect some bugs too!