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Context: OptiFine was a big part of Minecraft modding for a long time and has been causing errors with mods this entire time, it's closed source nature making it especially hard to work with as a mod developer. For that reason, a lot of alternatives have been created. But usually they only replicate one specific feature of OptiFine, meaning the user has to install a lot of mods and configure them by searching for the specific mod in ModMenu.

  • The first problem is relatively easy to solve, by either downloading a modpack such as OpalFab or Fabulously Optimized or using Lambda's fantastic list of alternative mods
  • Puzzle was created to solve the latter by providing a united config for OptiFine replacement mods, built-in support for the most relevant alternatives and a API for other mods to take advantage of.
  • Due to many OptiFine features still having no replacement mod, Puzzle also adds certain OptiFine features on it's own, like resourcepack-provided splash screens
  • We also offer some new, innovative features to resourcepack developers, such as unlocked rotation values and bigger size for JSON-models. The configuration screen can be found in the vanilla options screen, as well as ModMenu. ‎

The Puzzle Resource Settings Screen

  Currently, there is included support for the following mods: