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Purpuritis adds purpur versions of all items, blocks, biomes, dimensions and more to the game! Even modded items are compatible(In the code, you may see it as an missing textured block if purpuritis does not support it)!

Intended to be a story-adding mod in the future.

Purpured Armor: More powerful and lasting then the normal versions of the armor.

Purpured Weapons: More powerful and lasting then the normal versions of the weapons. Only handheld items work, purpured bows do not work right now. Purpured Food: Food heals more hunger and saturation. Effects are kept in the version. Effects should be of a higher level in a later version. Purpured ItemBlock: Can now place a block! Purpured Items: Everything else is just a normal item with no special properties. I hope to add functionality to more items in the future! Purpured Biomes: No new biomes have been implemented yet.

Purpured Dimensions: Only a purpur version of the overworld exists rn. The dimension is blank. This is a bug and I hope to fix it soon. Purpured Blocks: Currently every block has no texture and no model, plus they aren't interactable. Hope to add more to blocks in the future! I hope to add more stuff in the foreseeable future to this mod! You may use this mod in a modpack.