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Mod Discussion: Minecraft Forums | #ivorius on Discord | Wiki

This mods a variety of items for visual effects. It utilizes shaders and is thus able to accomplish a party of colors and effects you may not have seen before. You (most likely) won't be disappointed.


  • This mod is intended for educational purposes only. It does not condone chemical abuse, and no activities from the mod should be recreated in real life.
  • This mod contains flashing lights and may trigger motion sickness.


  • Granted Attribution (Link to this mod, and mention of my (Ivorius) name), you may use this mod in mod packs.
  • Prior versions (1.7.10 and below) requires Minecraft Forge and IvToolkit to function.
  • Starting with 1.19.3 this mod requires Fabric API


  • You can load Psychedelicraft and a select other Fabric mods on Forge by using the Sinytra Connector ( Modrinth CurseForge ) mod.
  • Note that it is still in beta. If you have any issues loading other mods (or this mod) on forge with sinytra connector installed, please report it to their Mod Compatibility Thread so it can be fixed.