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Did you ever want to get Steve (or Alex) blackout drunk, stoned, high on crack or perhaps tripping on shrooms? No? Well, I've got the perfect mod fo... Wait a minute...

Anyway, this mod allows you to do all these things. It utilizes shaders and is thus able to accomplish a party of colors and effects you may not have seen before. You (most likely) won't be disappointed.


  • Granted Attribution (Link to this mod, and mention of my name), you may use this mod in mod packs.
  • This mod requires IvToolkit to function.
  • By downloading, you confirm you are of a legal age to view this kind of content: Fictional drug abuse. That is usually 18 or older.
  • Psychedelicraft may not work on your graphics card. If it doesn't (and you have weird visual glitches), please send me the runtime log and screenshots.




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